6 habits that do not harm but make the kidneys exhausted, destroy health.


      The following habits cause your liver and kidney, be careful lest you welcome the body.

* Salty eating habits.

The habit of eating too much salt will break the balance in the blood, making it difficult for the kidneys to eliminate water from the blood. In particular, salt also makes you suffer from kidney stones, kidney failure without desire. At the same time, salt makes you have high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease easily forms blood clots that cause stroke.

Besides, when you eat too much salt, it is easy to cause weight gain because salt has the ability to hold water in the human body.

* Frequent urination.

There are many people due to busy, so they often wait for them to wait when they can not bear to go to the toilet. But few people know, the longer the urine is left in the body, the more bacteria grow in the bladder. If these bacteria move to the kidneys, you will have a lot of trouble. Therefore, if you feel sad, look for a nearby toilet to solve the sadness immediately.

* Use painkillers.

According to a study by the New England Medical Journal, the use of many painkillers can cause serious kidney failure. Because this is due to painkillers that reduce blood flow to the kidneys, causing stress to the kidneys.

According to a recent study by the American Heart Association, if humans use painkillers for a long time, they will cause high blood pressure, affect cardiovascular disease, and cause blood clots. not good for health. Therefore, you should not take pain relievers too often, and always take medicine when eating.

* Smoke .

Smoking habits are the cause of many different health problems, one of which is kidney disease. In particular, smokers are at higher risk of kidney disease. This is because too much smoking produces creatinine causing damage to the kidneys, even if you do not notice the symptoms. In addition, the regular smoking is easy to lead to pneumonia, cirrhosis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular …

* Eat a lot of processed foods.

According to nutrition experts, the processing food is not only much salt but also potassium and phosphorus. Almost all of these things have a negative impact on your kidney’s health easily causing kidney failure. Therefore, you should limit eating processed foods.

In addition, processed foods contain partial hydrogenated oils. Hydrogen oil has been shown to be unsafe and a rich source of saturated fat will lead to obesity and high cholesterol levels, so it can lead to the development of heart problems. Chains or diabetes are not good for your health.

* Drinks contain caffeine.

The habit of regular drinking coffee, tea will cause your liver to suffer many damage. Nguyên Nhan is in drinks containing caffeine extremely affecting the health of the kidneys. Try to drink as much water as possible to balance the amount of caffeine consumption. If you drink too much coffee will be very dangerous if you feel the heart is beating too fast and rushing, dizziness, dizziness nausea. At the same time, the symptoms of fast heartbeat can lead to extremely dangerous stroke.

Eating too much of this meat will increase the risk of liver disease.

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