6 ways to help you get rid of a headache quickly.


     If you have a headache and are afraid to take medicine to treat it, you can apply the following simple ways to “fly away” an obnoxious headache:

* Country .

Dehydration is one of the causes of headaches. The body reacts very quickly to give an indication of dehydration. Therefore, if a headache is caused by a lack of fluids, a quick way to get over it is to drink lots of water. It is necessary to meet the body’s water needs about 8 to 12 glasses of water a day, both for health and to prevent headaches.

* Take a warm bath.

When it comes to headaches, a shower may be just what you need. Relax your body in the shower, it will give you a full body massage, warm water helps to relax your mind, reduce stress and fatigue… If your headache is related to cold pressure or sinuses, temperature The warmth of the tap can ease the pain.

* The coffee .

Alcohol can cause blood vessels to dilate, causing headaches. Because the caffeine in coffee is a vasoconstrictor, it can reduce headaches caused by drinking by reducing the size of blood vessels. But only small amounts should be taken. Too much coffee can make the condition worse. Caffeine is a diuretic that can increase dehydration and make headaches worse. Therefore, a cup of coffee can help relieve headaches caused by drinking alcohol but drinking coffee all day is not a good way to cure headaches.

* Massage .

Massage increases blood flow, relieves muscle tension, and helps relieve pain. To relieve a headache with massage, start by massaging your temples gently in a circular motion, then work your way up to the forehead and ears. Press the ears gently, eventually moving down to the neck and shoulders.

* Acupressure .

By pressing on certain points in the head, you can reduce the feeling of tension and pain. These points are where nerve endings are concentrated and help regulate blood circulation. So when you stimulate it, you will increase blood circulation and help relieve pain.

* Apply ice.

Lying down with a cold towel or cold compress on your forehead or eyes can temporarily cool a flare-up, and may even help it go away completely. You can also use small ice cubes rolled into a towel and rub it on your forehead for about 10 minutes to relieve the pain. The brain will be stimulated by the cold and will no longer notice the pain.

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