Absolutely do not drink this type of water after eating.


       A lot of people have a habit of drinking juice or drinking tea after eating, so they need to get rid of it immediately.

* Do not drink fruit juice.

Fruit juices are very beneficial to health because they provide an abundant amount of fiber and vitamins. However, drinking juice when full can cause unpredictable consequences. Fruit juice contains a large number of acids, sugars, glucose, fructose, starch… this will make the digestive organs work too hard.

Moreover, when you are full, drinking cold fruit juice will cause the stomach temperature to change suddenly, causing vasoconstriction, affecting digestion and intestinal motility of the stomach, and may even cause stomach spasms. .

* Soft drinks, carbonated drinks.

Soft drinks and carbonated drinks are often used by many people in meals, especially parties. Many people also have the habit of enjoying this water right after eating without knowing that this can be harmful to their health.

According to health experts, the use of soft drinks and carbonated drinks after meals increases the burden on digestion and absorption of the stomach and pancreas. Moreover, having too many soft drinks and carbonated drinks in the stomach will dilute the gastric juice, reducing the antiseptic function of the gastric juice. The CO2 in carbonated drinks also affects the production of Pepsinogen, which makes digestion impaired.

Drinking soft drinks, carbonated water after eating will make the stomach wall expand, which can cause stomach cracks. Phosphoric acid interferes with calcium absorption and can lead to osteoporosis that damages your bones and teeth.

* Tea .

Many people have the habit of drinking tea after a meal because they think that tea has a cleansing effect and freshens the mouth.

This is very harmful because tea contains tannic acid. This acid when entering the body will cause the protein that we have just consumed to be precipitated, hindering the body’s protein absorption process, causing constipation, increasing the absorption of toxic substances into the body.

Drinking tea after meals also interferes with the absorption of iron. In the long run, it will cause severe iron deficiency in the body, leading to anemia.

When you wake up in the morning, drinking a glass of water is absolutely essential. It not only activates your internal organs and circulatory system, but also replenishes the water you lost during sleep.

* After practice .

After working, one feels extremely tired and exhausted. Drinking water after a workout will help rejuvenate your soul and re-energize your system. Drinking water brings your heart rate back to normal and maximum recovery.

* Half an hour before meals.

Drinking water before meals is extremely convenient and effective not only for health but also for weight loss. While improving digestion, it also makes you feel full and prevents you from eating extra calories.

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