Benefits of cycling every day.


      The habit of cycling every day is very good for the body and health. However, not everyone knows the benefits of cycling. Let’s take a look at 8 benefits of cycling every day and guide to cycling properly!

Cycling is a simple, healthy and suitable exercise method for all ages. You will love this rudimentary vehicle more if you understand the benefits of cycling every day. When the price of gas is constantly increasing, traveling by bike is both a cost-effective way to help you exercise.

* 8 benefits of cycling every day.

Cycling requires more time and energy than other modern means of transport. That is also the reason that cycling brings many benefits to the body and health.

* Improves bones and joints.

The benefits of cycling are very good for people with degenerative joint disease, especially the knee joint. Knees move steadily when cycling, stimulating the secretion of mucus that lubricates the joints. The rhythmic coordination of the body helps to increase flexibility and improve the activity of bones and joints. The body weight when cycling is supported by the thigh muscles, which helps reduce pressure on the knee, groin and ankle joints.

* Toning muscles.

The body moves continuously when cycling, most are the glutes, thighs and legs. There are also muscle areas in the shoulders, arms, and waist. The flexible movement process when cycling helps the muscles to be more toned and strong. If cycling with toes, the thigh muscles work harder; When pedaling with the middle of the foot, the gluteal muscles work harder.

* Weight loss benefits, beautiful figure.

Many studies show that moderate-speed cycling burns 300-400 calories / hour, high-intensity cycling consumes 500-600 calories / hour. According to the British Medical Association, regular cycling 30 minutes a day combined with a scientific diet within 1 year, the body will lose about 11kg. You can practice cycling to lose weight at home or cycling outdoors is very effective.

* 40% reduced risk of diabetes.

The benefit of cycling for 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of diabetes by 40%. This number has been studied by scientists in Finland and given the results. When cycling, the muscles work rhythmically to help burn glucose in the cells. The cells continue to absorb glucose in the blood, metabolize energy and lower blood sugar levels.

* Prevention of cancer.

The University of Glasgow (UK) conducted a study on 260,000 cyclists over 5 years. The results showed that they cut the risk of cancer by half. Many studies around the world have also shown the benefits of cycling to prevent the formation of cancer cells, typically endometriosis, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.

* Improve immune system .

Cycling is a rhythmic combination of muscles, stimulating blood circulation and energy metabolism. The body will produce hormones that strengthen the immune system and fight disease-causing cells. The benefits of cycling for 30 minutes a day have been studied by the University of Carolina. The results of sick days of cyclists are only half that of non-cyclists.

* Benefits of cycling for the heart.

The heart will contract harder during cycling, promoting blood circulation throughout the body. Cycling helps to burn fat, control cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. According to a 14-year study in Denmark, regular cycling significantly reduces cardiovascular problems.

* Protect lung health.

Very few people know the benefits of cycling every day for the lungs. People often think that cycling is easy to be exposed to dust, which affects breathing. But there is a study by King’s College London that has shown the opposite result. Moving through busy London streets, the amount of air pollution a car driver is exposed to is five times more than that of a cyclist.

* Improve mental health.

Cycling every day has great benefits for mental health. Just like many other gymnastics; Cycling helps the body produce endorphins and adrenaline to create a feeling of joy and euphoria. They repel anxiety, stress and contribute to reducing the symptoms of depression. Spending 30 minutes a day cycling also helps you improve memory.

The benefits of cycling can also be mentioned such as: Helps sleep better and deeper, improves digestive function, promotes calcium absorption, increases endurance, prolongs life… Bicycles are not only a means of transportation. It is convenient to move, but also effectively supports body and health training.

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