Don’t ever do this while you’re walking.


        Many people when going out for a walk, be it to exercise or go shopping, have the habit of walking while using their smartphones to check emails, messages, surf the web, view social networks…

* What does the study say?

A new study has revealed why staring at your phone while walking in a public space among others is not just a bad idea for your safety and mental health.

Scientists in the age-old field of “crowd psychology” have long worked to understand how people move and interact when they gather in large groups. They observed how crowds don’t move randomly when they “collision” in places like football stadiums, parks, and shopping malls, but create natural patterns. Using visual cues, we humans work in groups like other animals, including flocks of birds, to create a subtle but powerful order that is actually quite effective. , Not That!

For example, you might be surprised to learn that the dance moves at heavy-metal rock concerts aren’t actually as dangerous and disorderly as that. Completely opposite.

According to new research, conducted by a professor at the Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan), “Distracted mobile phone use significantly affects overall walking speed and alertness. the beginning of lane formation, especially when distracted pedestrians are in front of the group.”

The study concludes: “We observed that both distracted pedestrians and inattentive pedestrians took abrupt steps to avoid an impending collision, implying that they have difficulty in navigation,” according to Eat This, Not That!

People who look at their phones walk differently. “Distracted people also don’t move smoothly,” commented The New York Times, summarizing the study.

The inattentive walkers in the test also induced that behavior in the other people.” people who don’t look at their phones also move in a more complicated way than they did without them crowd of more than 50″, according to Eat This, Not That!

* Problems from walking while using the phone.

According to statistics from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), nearly 40% of all Americans say they have witnessed an incident arising from a pedestrian being distracted by phone use. their.

Dr Alan Hilibrand, President of AAOS Communications, said: “Today, more and more people are falling down stairs, tripping on curbs and other streetscapes that, in many cases, step into the flow of traffic, causing traffic problems. cuts, bruises, sprains and fractures.. In fact, the number of injuries to pedestrians using phones has more than doubled since 2004, and surveys have shown that 60% of pedestrians .

So, for the sake of your health, and the safety of those around you, remember to stop and step aside if you need to text or scroll Instagram…

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