Drink green tea to lose belly fat fast.


     Nutritionists recommend that you drink green tea after meals to lose belly fat quickly.

* Drink green tea to lose weight.

Nutrition experts recommend that you drink green tea right after a meal because green tea contains tannin and theocin, which when entering the stomach will combine with protein, vitamin B1 and iron in food. compounds that are difficult to absorb. At the same time, it also inhibits the secretion of gastric juice and intestinal juice, making the nutrients you eat can only be absorbed about….30%.

Nutritionists recommend that you should not drink green tea after meals.

Therefore, to be able to reduce belly fat while your mouth still wants to eat, the simplest way is to drink green tea after eating to both help you feel clean in your mouth and also prevent the body’s effective absorption of nutrients. .

* How to make green tea.


200g fresh tea leaves (vegetables, lots of leaves)

2 slices of fresh ginger

3 liters of hot boiling water (remember to boil)

Step 1: Soak the tea leaves in water, wash off the dust on the leaves, soak for 10 minutes before taking them out

Step 2: Boil water to rinse the kettle or rinse the kettle

Step 3: We gently rub the tea leaves, so that the leaves are broken, but not crushed

Step 4: Put the tea leaves in the pot, drop 2 slices of fresh ginger in the same, take half a liter of boiling water to pour into the tea, shake it and pour it out.

Step 5: Remaining boiling water in the kettle, do not cover the pot and let the tea infuse for 20 minutes

Some of you add ice cubes to the pot after 20 minutes of tea infusion, so that the tea has a transparent green color. So we will have a very delicious and green tea pot.

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