Eat this food for the rest of your life without fear of throat cancer.


         Eat this food for the rest of your life without fear of throat cancer – cheap, easy to find, safe and healthy.

Living and eating habits are factors that directly affect human health, especially they are also capable of causing dangerous cancers if people do not pay attention. Forming a healthy lifestyle and a menu full of nutrients and science will help you take better care of and protect the health of yourself and your family. In today’s article, we will help you learn about 5 very popular foods in the kitchen that have an effective prevention of throat cancer. Let’s follow the article to see what kind of food it is!

* Green tea .

Researched for the ability to prevent many dangerous diseases, including nasopharyngeal cancer; so don’t forget to drink 2 cups of green tea every day. They also help you feel more refreshed, alert, and focused.

The reason for this is because green tea contains EGCG – an active antioxidant and is rich in catechins – which inhibit tumor growth.

* Onions and garlic .

Do you know? Garlic and onions are two types of tubers that have the ability to prevent and treat many diseases such as pharyngitis, sinusitis, cough, tonsillitis, etc., especially kidney cancer, uterine cancer and nasopharyngeal cancer. Because garlic contains allyl sulfur and onions are rich in flavonoids, both of which are active antioxidants. They have the effect of preventing and inhibiting the growth of tumors, protecting cells from the invasion of cancer.

* Sweet potato .

In the list of 20 vegetables that have the ability to inhibit cancer cells, sweet potatoes are the top ones. In cooked sweet potatoes, there is a very high rate of tumor inhibition (about 98.7%). , and in raw sweet potatoes 94.4%.

The results of published studies have demonstrated that sweet potatoes contain a lot of substances that inhibit cancer cells, called glycolipids. Not only that, in the composition of sweet potatoes also contains dehydro deoxycholic acid with the main effect of killing cancer cells, helping to restore the weakened immune system, preventing throat cancer and cancer of the end. colon.

* Grape .

According to researchers, grapes have very effective anti-cancer effects, because grapes contain resveratrol – an active ingredient that can prevent the ability of healthy cells to mutate into cancerous cells, and at the same time inhibit those cells. cells were mutated. Not only that, grape products also contain quite high levels of resveratrol, especially grape wine. And according to the advice of experts, people should regularly use grape wine in the correct dosage to help prevent throat cancer very effectively.

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