Effective way to get rid of body odor.


       Sweating is a small matter, but the body odor caused by sweat is a big deal. So how to stay fresh all day? When you work, exercise, ride a bicycle, climb stairs, carry a bag, cook, get sick, you sweat out your shirt, especially in this hot season, your sweat will “pour” even more. more than. Sweating is a small matter, but the body odor caused by sweat is a big deal. So how to stay fresh all day?

* Much perspiration and perspiration is caused by illness, exercise, food, and drink.

You have between 2-5 million sweat glands. When the body temperature rises, the nervous system instructs these glands to secrete sweat to the surface of the skin to cool the body. The composition of sweat is mainly water and salt (NaCl) and a small amount of electrolytes, which are substances that help regulate the fluid balance in the body.

Many factors make your sweat heavy and smelly, that is: genetics, if parents sweat a lot and have a strong smell, their children also “inherit” it. Certain foods, such as coffee, alcohol, and spices, can also cause perspiration and unpleasant odors. If you eat onions, garlic, fish, dog meat, etc., the smell of sweat also has the smell of that food.

Drugs that can cause increased sweating are: antipsychotics, morphine, thyroid hormone thyroxine, aspirin, acetaminophen…

Menopausal women have hot flashes that increase sweating. In men with low testosterone levels, hypogonadism can cause hot flashes. People with diseases: low blood sugar, infectious fever, hyperthyroidism, heart attack, tuberculosis, malaria, some cancers… all increase sweating. When you do heavy work, exercise, sports, walk, run, climb stairs, carry heavy bags, etc., especially when it’s hot, you sweat more.

* After sweating, there will be an unpleasant smell.

* Bad consequences after sweating and bad smell.

Toenail fungus, foot fungus; If you sweat a lot, you are susceptible to many fungal infections. Jock itch is a fungal infection that causes an itchy or burning sensation around the groin. Bacterial infections and warts: sweating can cause skin infections, causing warts on the skin due to papillomavirus infection, rash, heat rash… Normally, sweat does not have a bad smell, you can check by smelling it. drops of sweat at the top of your face fall onto your palm.

After a period of time on the surface of the skin, sweat is fermented by bacteria available on the skin, thereby causing a strong or very bad odor. Hairy areas such as armpits and groin sweat and have a lot of bacteria, so the smell is stronger. You will notice that each person has a unique smell, unlike anyone else. That’s because on the skin and natural pores of each person there are a number of different types of bacteria that live on parasites, creating a unique bacteria in each person. Each type of bacteria and each colony of lice on a person’s skin will produce a specific odor.

The odor caused by the bacteria fermentation combines with the “ready-made” smell of sweat to make your odor unmistakable. The inherent smell of sweat is caused by your food, illness. The smell is still in the clothes “out”. When sweat is secreted, penetrates into clothes, bacteria spread from your skin to clothes and bacteria in the environment, the air clings to clothes, fermenting sweat in clothes. The longer you leave it on, the worse the odor from sweat-soaked clothes. If you forget to wash it and continue to wear it, the next day, wherever you go, it will smell bad.

* How to deodorize the body to smell good throughout the day.

Thanks to the advancement of science and the standard of living, you can use many of the following body odor removal remedies:

Reduce sweating by: using fans, air conditioners, opening doors, increasing ventilation to lower the ambient temperature where you work. Occasionally, you should drink a glass of cool water to help sweat. Use antiperspirants. You can consult your doctor to use an antiperspirant that is right for your health.

* Eliminate body odor by measures:

Clean bacteria on the skin with regular bathing, washing intimate areas with clean water and antibacterial soap. In the summer, you need to bathe regularly. Examination and treatment of skin diseases such as boils, itchy sores, wounds … For women, it is necessary to use a daily cleaning solution to wash the intimate area, and at the same time to examine and actively treat gynecological diseases because only when they are gone. If the infection gets rid of the bad smell in the intimate area.

In the summer, you should wear cotton clothes for good sweat absorption and need to change clothes several times a day to avoid odors from clothes. If your clothes are soaked with sweat, you need to change them as soon as you get home. Changed clothes must be soaked with soap or washed immediately so that bacteria do not have a chance to cause odors. You also need to regularly change your socks and wash your shoes if you have smelly feet. Use antiperspirant, the most common is deodorant roll.

* The formula of deodorant rollers usually includes:

Antibacterial agent, antiperspirant, antiperspirant. These substances work with substances that have a bad smell in the armpits, forming compounds that do not have a bad smell. You buy deodorant and use it according to the instructions on the package, but need to monitor your skin for allergies.
If you have an allergic reaction, you must stop using it immediately and wait until it is completely gone, you can use another product that does not cause allergies to your skin.

If you can’t afford to buy a deodorant roll, you can use some oriental medicine to treat underarm odor as follows: take a shower, cut a fresh lemon, rub half a fruit on both armpits, wait for 5-10 minutes. minutes then wash it off, do it once a day; When the smell is gone, rub the lemon twice a week. Or use fresh ginger, crushed, decanted and applied to the armpits, once a day. You can also use alum to grind fine powder, rub it into your armpits, once a day, after 1-2 days the odor is gone, you can maintain it by rubbing twice a week. You should abstain from foods with strong odors such as onions, garlic, curry, dog meat, fish with a lot of fishy smell.

Food allergy in the elderly.

Food to prevent dry eyes.