Effects of not removing makeup before going to bed.


        Not removing makeup before going to bed will cause clogged pores, acne and premature aging of the skin.

* Congested pores.

Many makeup products, especially those containing silicone or acrylic, can clog pores.

These ingredients seep into your pores, pulling bacteria deep into your skin. The combination of oil, sweat, bacteria and dead skin cells will clog the pores. It can happen even if you wear makeup during the day, but leaving it on overnight increases the risk many times over.

* Acne face.

When you don’t remove your makeup before bed, your skin gets less oxygen. Irritant chemicals in makeup also stay in contact with the skin longer. If the skin is not rested after a long day, the possibility of acne is very high, even in areas of benign skin that have never had acne.

* Premature skin aging.

Artificial colors and other ingredients in makeup can cause harmful chemical reactions and accelerate skin aging. Our skin acts as a protective barrier from the environment. If we don’t help it “reset” at night, its defense will weaken.

Makeup can also help free radicals we come in contact with during the day to adhere to the skin, thereby easily causing dermatological problems later.

* Causes eye infection, eye damage.

Optometrists warn that many eye makeup products contain formaldehyde, heavy metals and other toxins. Sleeping with toxins on your skin can lead to irritation and even cause your eyelashes to fall out prematurely.

According to a case study, if you don’t remove your mascara regularly, it can lead to eye inflammation and conjunctivitis.

* Chapped lips.

When you apply lipstick during the day, it usually doesn’t apply perfectly all the time because eating and drinking causes the lipstick to wear off quickly. But when you sleep, the lipstick has enough time to absorb all the moisture on the lips. If you don’t wipe off your lipstick before bed, chances are you’ll wake up with dry and chapped lips.

* Make hair greasy.

When you go to bed with makeup on, it can leave stains on your bedding and cling to your hair. Your hair can be covered with lip gloss or lipstick all night and become greasy and tangled. Properly removing makeup before bed is especially important for those of you with oily skin, as it can make skin conditions worse.

* Dull skin.

Leaving makeup on overnight can make your skin look lifeless because the product stays on your skin for a long time. Environmental pollution and other toxins get trapped in your makeup, if you don’t let your skin “release” at night, you are unknowingly making your skin dull and creating more wrinkles. wish.

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