Fix body odor for men.


      The fact proves that women are very sensitive to the scent of their boyfriends. Their dream is to be next to a guy who always smells good, and smelling the scent will help them reduce stress effectively. Therefore, the “smelly” body is always a painful problem for many male friends, making them self-conscious when interacting with the opposite sex. Let’s find out ways to help reduce body odor for men.

Hot weather in Vietnam, high temperature and humidity is the obsession of men when they often have to be active and sweat a lot. Therefore, they often use “deodorant rollers” as an effective solution to prevent body odor and keep the body dry and cool, but they do not seem to be able to remove all body odor. Let’s combine with the following methods to bring the highest efficiency.

* Manifestations of body odor.

Men often have a greater frequency of activities than women such as doing heavier things, playing sports, exercising, walking, driving, going up and down stairs, … making sweat production difficult to control. The places on their body that often sweat a lot are the scalp, forehead, back of the neck, underarms, private parts, palms and soles. This amount of sweat when secreted will come into contact with bacteria that work on the body to produce substances such as insoluble fatty acids, ammonia that cause body odor.

Underarm sweat secretes a lot with an unpleasant odor, leaving large wet patches in the armpit area when wearing a closed shirt or leaving yellow stains on a white shirt. Armpit hair is sticky and white patches appear under the pores of the armpit.

Men’s urine is usually odorless when it leaves the body, and after a while it will give off a faint odor. However, during urination, if you see a foul-smelling urine, it means that the body is reacting and excreting it first through the urine.

In addition, body odor can also be expressed through bad breath, when men regularly use alcohol as well as tobacco. This also has many potential risks of other diseases, but this is also a cause of sadness for many people and affects daily work and communication.

In addition, a lot of sweat can also be caused by hot weather, men have to live in a cramped environment, making them sweat more during the day and at night, making the body odor more intense.

* Ways to overcome body odor for men.

* Clean body.

Men often tend to be lazy to shower, wash clothes and often wear them again and again. However, this can cause bacteria to grow in clothes that cause skin diseases and odors. Therefore, we should clean the body after exercising too hard or playing sports. After these activities, you should let your body rest and then start taking a bath.

Sweat and dead cells on the body need to be eliminated by bathing daily, and you should choose shampoos and shower gels that are suitable for men, maybe low-foaming shower gels. Contains natural fragrances to limit skin irritation. Wash seriously and clean areas that often sweat such as: Scalp, forehead, back of the neck, underarms, private areas, palms and soles…

Do not replace bathing with underarm rollers, deodorant sprays or perfumes because they can cause atopic dermatitis if overused. After bathing, you should dry your body clean, keep the armpits dry and cool, then start wearing closed clothes.

* Choose cool clothing materials.

Regularly washing clothes and personal items such as socks, shoes., changing clothes, underwear, socks every day will keep your body clean and limit unpleasant odors. For men who often exercise or exercise a lot of hands and feet, they should choose clothes made from good sweat-absorbing fabrics such as cotton, polyester, spandex, bamboo … to help create a sense of ventilation. and cool. Especially when it’s hot season to go to the gym, you need to choose appropriate exercise clothes to avoid gas and body odor.

* Limit foods that make body odor stronger.

Smelly foods like onions, garlic, spicy foods, or alcoholic beverages are the leading causes of body odor in men. They have the ability to stimulate the sweat glands to work harder, and the amount of sweat secreted will be more acidic and stronger.

Instead, let’s adopt a healthy diet with a full range of substances, especially minerals such as zinc and magnesium, which will help eliminate unpleasant body odors. Eat a variety of nutritious foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits that contain many vitamins. Combined with that is drinking a lot of water to help purify the body, strengthen the resistance, promote the body’s function and avoid excretion through sweat.

* Working and living in moderation.

Working and living in moderation to limit stress as well as stress, because this not only causes a lot of harm to mental health but also affects many body odors. This is not really the culprit for body odor but it has the potential to make body odor worse. Because experts say that if we work under stress for a long time, sweat glands Apocrine is more intensely stimulated, causing body sweat to also have a more unpleasant odor.

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