Fix weak kidney in men?


       Kidney failure causes many negative effects on our physical and mental lives. To learn about the negative effects of kidney failure on physiological problems, please refer to our article below.

Kidney disease, especially kidney failure, has major effects on sexual performance. Kidney failure can cause psychological effects and directly affect the physiological ability of each person. To better understand the physiological effects of kidney failure.

* What role do the kidneys play in our physiology?

Kidneys and kidney diseases are often referred to as “weak kidneys”. There are many notions that weak kidneys have a great influence on physiological problems, thereby causing physiological weakness. In fact, the kidneys play a very important role in our health, especially our reproductive health.

The kidneys have the ability to secrete hormones that balance the body and hormones that regulate male sex. From there, it helps to form male characteristics and helps maintain sexual activity. It is mainly androgenic hormone and a negligible amount of estrogen hormone.

Androgen hormones play a very important role in the development of male characteristics. During embryonic development, the male sex differentiation is mainly due to the action of androgens. At puberty, androgen hormones along with testosterone are the two main factors that help stimulate sexual development.

* The effects of weak kidneys on sex .

Weak kidneys will cause effects on men’s sexual health. The negative effects of weak kidneys include:

* Fatigue during sex.

Fatigue is one of the very common symptoms when men have kidney diseases such as glomerulonephritis, kidney failure, kidney stones, etc. The cause of this phenomenon is due to the affected kidney function leading to substances. waste and fluid remain in the body. Therefore, when having sex, men often feel tired and sluggish after sex.

* Decreases sexual desire.

Hormones in the kidney gland play a major role in bringing pleasure and sexual desire to men. So men with kidney disease can cause hormonal changes. If hormone levels become out of balance, the patient may experience decreased sex drive and difficulty achieving pleasure during sex.

* The cause of erectile dysfunction.

When men have kidney disease, it will seriously affect the blood flow and weaken the blood vessels. Because of anemia, the penis cannot maintain an erection, thereby causing erectile dysfunction.

* Negative impact on psychology.

People with kidney disease are subject to unwanted changes in the body. Symptoms like bad breath and body and skin problems, weight gain or hair loss make them feel less attractive to a partner.

These symptoms cause psychological changes such as low self-esteem, feelings of inferiority, stress, and anxiety that reduce the person’s ability to develop intimate relationships with their partners.

In addition, some men with kidney disease often think that having sex can be harmful to their health and aggravate their disease. Since then, men often feel afraid when having sex, leading to emotional decline.

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