Food helps to keep the body warm and promote health in the cold season.


      Keeping warm is essential, especially in the cold season. Let’s see which foods close to us can help retain heat effectively.

Cold weather is also the cause of the development of colds and respiratory diseases. Don’t wait until you get sick to take medicine. Enhance your health from now on. Here are some easy-to-find foods that both help keep the body warm and support the immune system.

* Honey helps to keep warm.

Honey is rich in nutrients and possesses natural sweeteners that give a quick energy boost. Besides, honey can also strengthen our immune system, preventing the risk of infections. This is considered one of the best foods to keep warm in the cold winter.

* Hot cocoa retains body heat.

On cold days, drinking a cup of hot cocoa will keep your body warm. Or you can add some dark chocolate to your daily diet to help promote health and keep warm.

This hot drink also contains flavonoids, a substance with strong antioxidant capacity, reducing the damage from free radicals to the body, the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and cancer.

* Vegetables help strengthen the immune system.

Vegetables and fruits are not only rich in fiber but also contain many vitamins, especially vitamins C, E and antioxidants. Cauliflower, spinach, and cruciferous vegetables help strengthen the immune system, limiting the risk of flu and other inflammatory diseases. Pumpkin contains many vitamins, mineral salts, iron and organic acids.

Although we cannot immediately see the benefits of eating vegetables, they are silently protecting your health.

* Chili Peppers .

The good news for those who like spicy food is that chili peppers are perfect for cold weather dishes. Chili peppers contain a compound called capsaicin, which is what makes you feel hot. Therefore, they will also help your body temperature to warm up.

* Saffron .

Saffron is also known as red gold, because its price is quite high compared to common spices. But there is no denying the positive effects that saffron brings to health. Saffron can reduce stress, help warm the body effectively. You just need to boil 4-5 saffron flowers in a glass of milk and drink it while it is still warm, this drink is not only delicious but also helps you get rid of the feeling of boredom, sadness, depression every winter. .

* Garlic, onions and chives.

It is also considered a natural antibiotic, capable of enhancing resistance, keeping the body warm, preventing colds, flu, respiratory infections; treat high blood pressure, blood fat, reduce blood sugar, prevent cancer…

Garlic contains a lot of iodine and essential oils (rich in glucogen and allicin antibiotics, fitonxit has the effect of bactericidal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory). In addition, garlic also contains a large amount of vitamins A, B, C, D, PP, carbohydrates, polysaccharides, inulin, fitoxterin and other minerals such as iodine, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, trace elements . To make good use of this spice, you should eat raw from 3 to 5 cloves per day. But if you don’t like the pungent taste of garlic, you can put it into processing with dishes or use it as garlic vinegar, garlic wine…

In addition to garlic, onions and chives have also been shown to increase the activity of the body’s natural immune cells, thereby helping to reduce the severity of cold and flu symptoms. Similarly, onions have properties that increase the number of white blood cells, which are essential in fighting pathogens.

It’s not too difficult to find these foods, right? To strengthen the body’s health in the cold season, you should regularly exercise, as well as add these foods to your daily meals.

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