Food is considered a “panacea” for the skin.


         Carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes… are good foods for the skin in the summer.

* Carrots and sweet potatoes .

Beta carotene is a red-orange pigment found in many vegetables and fruits including carrots and sweet potatoes. Like dark chocolate, carrots contain flavonoids and vitamin A that help protect your eyes from sun damage.

Another study conducted in Germany showed that broccoli and dried apricots also contain high levels of beta carotene. Scientists recommend eating these foods to protect your skin from sunburn.

* Tomato, watermelon and papaya.

What these three foods have in common is that they all contain lycopene, which is considered an important nutrient that not only helps you fight many cancers but also reduces the risk of heart disease. Lycopene is also used to make antibodies against HPV, cataracts and asthma.

In a study conducted in the UK, cooked tomatoes with a lot of fat led to a loss of lycopene. In addition, in foods such as pink grapefruit, guava, yellow persimmon, liver pate, chili powder, red cabbage, basil also contain this skin-protecting nutrient.

* Orange juice .

Oranges are packed with fiber and nutrients that can support overall health. This fruit is also rich in vitamin C that can help the body fight free radicals effectively. In fact, one orange can provide 100% of the vitamin C the body needs each day. In addition, oranges are also a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B, copper, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Oranges and lemons have the effect of generating new fluids, improving thirst, eliminating heat, and curing heat-related diseases. Drinking a glass of orange juice, lemon juice will help the body cool down on hot days.

* Coconut water .

Coconut water contains ingredients that have the ability to fight bacteria, fungi, germs and viruses of common diseases in the hot season or sudden temperature changes.

Coconut water has a cool taste, rich in vitamins and other useful nutrients, and contains a reasonable amount of salt, protein, and sugar, so it is very effective in replacing electrolyte water when working in high temperatures or doing sports. lose strength … help the body avoid heatstroke under hot, sultry weather.

* Bitter melon .

Bitter melon is a food with cool properties, good heat dissipation effect and helps reduce fatigue. Therefore, experts recommend that you increase your intake of bitter melon in the summer to improve health and prevent heatstroke for the body effectively.

You can easily use bitter melon in your daily diet such as squeezing water, using it in soups or stir-frying…

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