Good habits office workers should know.


       With the job characteristics of having to sit continuously in one place, sedentary, office workers are at risk of many diseases such as back pain, venous insufficiency, eye, skin, respiratory diseases, etc.

Experts of Real Simple magazine said that to avoid health events, office workers need to maintain the following small habits.

1. Walk when possible.

Walking not only improves health, but also stimulates creativity and problem solving. Ms. Ivy Slater, senior business coach of Slater Success (USA), recommends that everyone take a walk when possible.

2. Drink enough water.

Water makes up about 70% of the body’s weight and about 80% of the brain’s volume. Therefore, people need to drink enough water (from 2-3 liters / day) to ensure overall health and work productivity, Real Simple website quoted nutritionist Serena Poon (USA) as saying.

At the same time, you can use a bottle with graduated and pre-registered volume to help control the amount of water in the body better, “said Ms. Poon.

3. Stay positive every day.

Starting the day with an upbeat mood, a full breakfast will help a lot for a working day, said Diana Zalucky, a business consultant working in the US.

In addition, before starting a working day, everyone can take some time for themselves, determine what they need to do today to make themselves better. Maintaining this habit is also very useful. for a successful working day, Ms. Zalucky affirmed.

4. Create a green space for the desk.

Flowers and plants have been shown by numerous studies to have uplifting and mood-enhancing effects.

Allison Chawla, a psychotherapist working in New York State (USA), said that placing a few brightly colored flowers with a gentle fragrance, or a few green plants not only improves quality. air in the workplace, but also for overall health and mood.

5. Set boundaries with work.

This uncertainty can easily push us into unnecessary stress, and can even create distaste for our work, our boss, or our co-workers,” said Caitlin Willard, a currently working psychologist. work in the US, told Real Simple.

Therefore, according to Ms. Willard, people should set a specific working time frame, commit to completing and not let work affect their rest time.

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