Great tips to help reduce waist circumference.


       Hourglass figure is the dream of many women. The slender body often evokes the femininity of a woman and accentuates the soft curves of the body.

However, to reduce waist circumference is not simple because it can be caused by many different reasons: genetics, hormonal imbalances especially during menopause, digestive disorders, slow metabolism , lazy to exercise, eat a lot of sugar, stress…

Here are 4 good, simple but extremely effective tips to help you reduce your waistline in a short time.

1. Have a snack in the evening.

Dinner is often the “culprit” of weight gain, especially waist circumference. You will see a significant improvement if you change both the portion size and the timing of the evening meal. Many people complain that they can’t have dinner earlier because of the nature of work, but you can have a snack in the afternoon so you don’t “feel” hungry and in the evening you can avoid meals too « satiated ».

There is another case that the evening meal is important because at this time the whole family is reunited and reunited on the tray of rice, if you are in this case it is best to have a light meal, simple processing and reduce the portion size. … the next morning, you will feel an improvement in your waistline, which encourages you to continue making efforts, trying to maintain good daily habits.

2. Control the daily portion size.

This does not mean “starvation” the body but should find appropriate and effective measures to reduce eating when the body has no need. Can wait 5-10 minutes, the feeling of hunger disappears. In times like these, sometimes without control of yourself, you fall into the state of eating a lot of “unhealthy” foods such as bread or cakes with too much sugar….

3. Increase the amount of protein in the diet.

You’ve probably heard a high-protein diet promises “great” results for short-term weight loss. Although giving good results, it is necessary to pay attention to liver and kidney function. You can consume animal or vegetable protein, but don’t forget that it needs to be balanced with other foods, especially green vegetables and fruits.

4. Choose “good” fats.

Fat is very necessary for the body but it is important to know how to choose. The “good” fats help with weight loss and especially the waistline. In the daily diet, there should be an appropriate ratio of “good” fats such as dried fruits, avocados, vegetable oils (olive oil, sesame oil), egg whites, dairy products (yogurt). , cheese .

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