Great water supplement for the body.


        In addition to drinking water, adding vegetables and fruits to meals and desserts during the day is also a good solution to replenish water for the body. We’ve all heard the advice that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy and refreshed.

However, you can’t always do that. In addition to drinking water to refresh the body, there is another solution, which is the addition of water-containing foods, especially fruits and vegetables, in the daily diet.

Eating vegetables also helps you add a significant amount of water to the body, in addition, there are countless other essential nutrients absorbed from these nutrient-rich food sources into your body. Here is a list of vegetables that will help replenish your body with water, keep you full of energy and have youthful, smooth skin:

1. Cucumber (water accounts for 96.7%) .

We often use cucumber to help cool down the body during the summer. Not only in summer, cucumbers are sold all year round in the market. At the same time, cucumbers are vegetables and tubers that contain high water content.

You can cut cucumbers into thin slices, then sprinkle with a little spice mix to eat, or use cucumbers in salads. Furthermore, to maximize the benefits and water-rich properties of cucumbers, we can mix cucumbers with yogurt, mint and ice cubes to make a nutritious refreshment.

2. Radish (water accounted for 95.3%) .

Vegetables like radish add a significant amount of water in daily meals.

You can mix beets with a spicy spice that is a mixture of antioxidants called catechins. Whether you use white or red radishes, they are very crunchy. So you can cut radishes into thin slices, or chop them and mix them with cabbage and carrots for the perfect crunchy mix.

Or we can use flax powder, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, chili mixed with beetroot, ensuring you will have a premium mix to replenish the body.

3. Tomato (water accounted for 94.5%) .

Tomatoes are foods that contain a lot of water. Just cut the tomatoes into slices and sprinkle some salt and pepper to eat.
In addition, you can add peanut powder, yogurt, salt, and cumin powder to make Raita salad. There are many varieties of tomatoes available in supermarkets.

Another tomato-based dish is chili sauce, you just need to mix tomatoes, green peppers, basil, lemon juice, and salt. Tomato chutney is very suitable for dipping vegetables.

4. Cauliflower (contains 92.1% water) .

Cauliflower is a vegetable that looks firm, low in water, and dry. But cauliflower is very rich in water, phytonutrients, vitamins that reduce cholesterol, and is one of the foods that prevent cancer.

We can boil cauliflower eat with salad. Make soups with cauliflower, cook cauliflower with tomatoes into a very nutritious soup, or make pickles with cauliflower.

5. Watermelon (91.5% water) .

As we all know watermelon contains a lot of water, and can keep water very well for the body for a long time.

This juicy melon is rich in lycopene – an antioxidant, has cancer-preventing effects, easily found in red vegetables and fruits. In fact, the composition of watermelon contains more lycopene than tomatoes with 12 mg, while tomatoes only have 3 mg of lycopene.

It’s simple, you just need to cut the melon into small pieces and eat. Or we can drink watermelon juice to put it in the fridge, so you can have cool, sweet, easy-to-drink cups of watermelon juice. Then this is also the best way to help us replenish water for the body.

6. Strawberry .

Strawberries are one of the top hydrating fruits for the skin. Among the fruits of the strawberry family, the red, berry fruit has the best effect in providing water for the body.

If cranberries contain 85% water, raspberries contain 88.2% water, while strawberries are much more, in the composition of strawberries, water makes up 91%.

We can mix strawberries with smoothies, or unsweetened yogurt, or you can mix strawberries with any kind of sweet food and it’s great. Mixing water with starchy sugar, fiber, and protein makes a quick snack to help your body recover from exercise.

7. Grapefruit (contains 90.5% water) .

Grapefruit helps reduce cholesterol, shrink waist. Therefore, you should add sweet-tasting citrus fruits to your daily diet.

Natural compounds found in citrus fruits help burn excess fat, balance blood sugar levels, so can reduce cravings.

Eating a bowl of grapefruit every day or mixing grapefruit with smoothies with or without yogurt is very nutritious.

8. Celery (contains 95.4% water) .

In the composition of celery contains a large amount of water, which helps to neutralize the acid in the stomach.


Celery is an acid-neutralizing natural heartburn remedy that is very low in calories. Each stalk of celery contains only about 6 micro calories.

Thanks to the rich in fiber and water properties, celery is very good for the body, can curb cravings. In addition, celery is also rich in components such as folic acid, vitamins A, C, and K.

9. Green bell pepper (94% water) .

Of all the bell peppers, green bell peppers contain an abundant amount of water. Because, if yellow and red bell peppers are only about 92% water, in green peppers, water accounts for 94%.

At the same time, green bell peppers are also rich in antioxidants. You can use green bell peppers in salads. Green bell peppers are used quite commonly in food processing, especially used to process dishes such as potatoes, paneer, adding a little spice, and salt to have nutritious dishes.

10. Star fruit (91.4% water) .

This tropical fruit is great for salads or to add to summer cocktails.

Star fruit is rich in antioxidants, especially epicatechin, a heart-healthy compound commonly found in red wine, dark chocolate, and green tea.

11. Cabbage (water content up to 95.6%) .

This is a smart choice for housewives because cabbage is a vegetable rich in fiber and nutrients such as folate and vitamin K. It is also one of the best water-replenishing vegetables.

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