Habit “brain damage” leads to dizziness.


    The following seemingly harmless habits have great brain damage, everyone should be wary.

1. Eat a lot of sugar and foods that contain a lot of sugar.

Sugars such as refined sugar, cane sugar, lung sugar, rock sugar, etc. or cakes, if you consume too much, will disrupt the absorption of protein and nutrients, hinder brain development due to lack of nutrients.
Therefore, you should limit your intake of sweets and have a balance of nutrients put into your body to have a healthy, efficient brain.

2. Skip breakfast often.

Many people, for many reasons such as getting up late, going to work, going to school early, busy morning with a lot of things, …. have formed the habit of skipping breakfast while this is the most important meal. during the day to provide energy for vital activities of the body.

When skipping breakfast, the blood sugar level is lower, leading to insufficient nutrients for the brain, causing brain degeneration, not to mention the decline in health, immune system, resistance, making body fatigue, weakness, inefficient work, …

Therefore, you need to give up this habit, wake up early, exercise gently, drink 1 large glass of filtered water to detoxify and provide water for the body and enjoy a hearty, full breakfast. enough nutrients.

3. Not getting enough sleep every day.

Sleep is very important for brain health. During sleep, the brain rests and recovers. Frequent sleep loss will cause brain cell damage very seriously. At the same time, it is the agent that makes the brain work sluggishly, lacks clarity, lacks clarity and is less sensitive.

4. Less thinking, less talking.

Being lazy to think and talk less will make the brain less active, causing brain shrinkage, over time will cause the brain to be damaged, significantly less effective, less thinking for a long time is also a cause of brain damage. atrophy, very dangerous.

5. Think, overwork.

The brain or any organ in the body has a limit to work at certain productivity, when you think a lot, work too hard, especially when the body is tired, sick because of illness. It is even more inappropriate, because it will greatly affect the working ability of the brain, making the brain depressed and damaged if this habit lasts for a long time.

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