Habits that need to be dropped immediately to protect health in winter.


       The arrival of winter brings with it the risk of a variety of complex diseases. Experts recommend that you quit the following habits to protect your health in the season

When the temperature is low, the body is very susceptible to health problems if it is not kept warm and protected from external influences and changes. Here’s what you need to do to stay healthy this winter.

1. Use a nasal spray.

Cold weather causes the nose to narrow, easily leading to nasal congestion. If you just use aerosols or nasal drops to interpret, it won’t work. Even if the mucous membrane is not removed, it is a good condition for microorganisms to attack and interfere with our ability to warm the air we breathe. Therefore, the best way is to clear the mucus in your nose by blowing your nose before going out.

2. Breathe more through your mouth.

Many people have the habit of breathing through their mouth more in the winter or nasal problems such as nasal congestion, causing them to breathe through their mouth. To protect your health, you should limit this. When breathing through the mouth, the air will not be warmed and humidified before entering the lungs, increasing the risk of angina attacks. In addition, the mouth also does not have the function of filtering air and this will expose the lungs to more harmful factors from the environment.

3. Cover your nose with a scarf.

When it’s cold outside, the water vapor in the breath we exhale can freeze in the layers of clothing or the scarf you use to cover your mouth and nose. And when you breathe in, air has to go through this ice and that makes it colder. If this happens often, you will be more likely to experience angina, bronchitis or skin irritation. If you really need to, you can use a scarf to cover part of your face, not your nose.

4. Run home when you are shaking.

When the cold air makes you shiver, find somewhere to warm up, such as a nearby restaurant or cafe. Limit trying to run as soon as you feel cold, this is not good for the lungs.

5. Wearing clothes and shoes that are too tight.

Wearing clothes and shoes that are too tight is bad for your health, they make you cold faster in low temperature environment. If you choose clothes that are a bit loose, the air between layers will help keep your body warm.

6. Drink something hot 30 minutes before going out.

Drinking hot tea is a good habit that increases blood circulation and improves the body’s defense mechanism. But it also causes blood vessels to dilate. This means that if you go outside in cold weather soon after, your body will lose heat faster. In this case, you should sip a drink with moderate warmth, not too hot.

7. Fasting when going out in cold weather.

That’s why you need to eat as soon as hunger strikes to protect your health in winter.

8. Apply moisturizer right before going out.

When you use skin care cream, in the first 30-40 minutes, water will evaporate. In cold weather, this leads to involuntary cooling of the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid going out for at least 30 minutes after you use skin care products.

9. Drink alcohol when going out to warm up.

You will feel warm in just 30-40 minutes after drinking alcohol. After this point, your body will begin to cool down very quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to limit alcohol consumption to protect health in winter.

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