Habits to avoid before going to bed to have healthy glowing skin.


        A bedtime routine is important for beautiful skin. However, some mistakes can sabotage this effort and damage the skin.

If you want to have beautiful, vibrant skin every time you wake up, stay away from these bad habits.

* Using anti-aging cream is not suitable.

Many anti-aging creams contain moisturizers such as mineral oils. Wrinkles on the face will be more visible when the skin is dry. Therefore, any moisturizer will help the skin. However, many types only provide temporary improvement, says American esthetician Manish Shah.

Long-term skin improvement requires targeting root causes such as collagen loss, free radical damage, sun damage and environmental factors.

* Excessive washing of the face.

Excessive washing of the face can be harmful. Detergents can strip the skin of moisture, dry it out, and damage the natural protective barrier on the face. This condition makes the skin prone to breakouts, infections, and flaking due to dryness.

* Do not change pillowcases.

Not changing the pillowcase regularly will cause bacteria, peeling skin and sweat to accumulate on the pillowcase. These are harmful agents and make the skin prone to acne.

To protect the skin well, pillowcases should be changed at least once a week, especially in people who are prone to acne.

* Vitamins can only be absorbed through topical creams.

Vitamin C in some creams can be helpful when applied to the face. However, creams containing vitamin B are less effective. Many B vitamins, such as B12, can only be absorbed through the small intestine. So, no matter how much cream containing vitamin B is applied to the skin, the body cannot absorb it, experts explain.

Another case is vitamin B3. This is a vitamin that improves skin texture and color. However, the skin cannot absorb vitamin B3, so face creams containing vitamin B3 will not be effective.

To get B vitamins, experts recommend eating foods rich in B vitamins. That’s vegetables like spinach, asparagus or beans.

Foods that help relieve pain naturally.

The kind of water girls drink regularly helps to detoxify and keep away gynecological infections.