How to anti-aging eye area?


      Aging skin around the eyes is the most obvious and earliest aging phenomenon on our body. Therefore, we should fight skin aging in the eye area at a young age to limit and prevent skin aging in the eye area. Please refer to the article below to learn more about this skin aging!

The skin in the eye area is very thin and sensitive compared to other skin areas. It is the most affected area on the body. You need to fight aging in this skin area as soon as possible. Anti-aging eye skin is very important and necessary in the skin care routine of women. So do you know the most effective anti-aging eye area treatment? Invite you and Long Chau pharmacy to learn through the article below.

* Causes of aging skin in the eye area.

* Facial expression.

Facial expression is also the cause of aging skin around the eyes. This is due to your habits such as: frowning, smiling… these actions will affect the facial muscles after a long time will form wrinkles around the eye area.

* Sunlight causes skin aging around the eyes.

Due to direct exposure to sunlight. As is known, sunlight is the number one enemy of skin aging in general and skin aging in the eye area in particular. UV rays from the sun will weaken elastin fibers leading to breakage of elastin fibers, causing subcutaneous tissues to lose alignment and reduce elasticity, causing skin aging in the eye area.

* Environmental factors .

Due to environmental pollution, dust is the cause of inflammation, dehydration and breakdown of collagen fibers. Causes dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. This accelerates the aging process in the eye area.

* Proper care for anti-aging eye area skin.

* Use a specialized sunscreen for the eye area.

Exposure to the sun will make your eye area age faster. Therefore, using sunscreen for the eye area is very necessary and extremely important. Sunscreen should be used regularly and applied as soon as you are indoors. Reapply sunscreen every 4 hours for the best sun protection for your eyes and avoid sunburn.

* Always moisturize and regularly moisturize the eye area.

Regular moisturizing helps the skin around your eye area stay hydrated, making the skin around your eyes healthy. The eye area needs to be used with a specialized moisturizer for the eye area because the eyes are very sensitive places. So creams used for the eye area often use less ingredients that are harmful to the eyes.

* Regularly massage the skin around the eyes.

The massage for the skin around the eyes helps your eyes relax, reducing dark circles under the eyes. Eye massage helps to tighten the skin around the eyes. Learn and massage the muscles around the eye area to help you fight against skin aging in the eye area very effectively.

* A healthy diet helps you fight aging skin around the eyes.

Practicing a healthy eating habit will help you have beautiful and healthy skin. The first important thing is that you need to drink 2 liters of water every day. Eat foods high in potassium. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables helps you supplement many substances that are essential for anti-aging skin. Limit staying up late because staying up late is the number 1 enemy of the skin. It is necessary to supplement with iron to avoid anemia, which is also the cause of dark circles under the eyes, causing aging skin in the eye area.

* Use grape seed oil for anti-aging eye area.

Grape seed oil contains very high antioxidant properties that help in anti-aging skin around the eyes very effectively. You can use grapeseed oil to moisturize the skin around your eyes. But note that only a small amount of oil should be used because using too much can cause eye irritation.

* Use potato mask in anti-aging eye area.

Potato mask is very moisturizing. The aging of the skin is often caused by dehydration and lack of moisture, leading to dry skin and aging of the eye area. Therefore, using a potato mask to moisturize the eye area is very necessary. After steaming the potatoes, mash them and add a little unsweetened fresh milk and mix well. Apply the mixture on the skin around the eyes and fix it with clean water after 20 minutes.

* Use tea bags in the anti-aging eye area.

After making the tea, you should keep the tea bags to use for beautifying your eyes. Use when the tea bag is still warm, it will be better, close your eyes and place the tea bag on both eyes for about 20 minutes. Using tea bags to help reduce dark circles is very effective because tea contains a lot of antioxidants.

Anti-aging eye skin is also very important. Through the article on Long Chau pharmacy hope you will have more knowledge about anti-aging skin for the eye area. Knowing what causes the aging process in the eye area will help you avoid damaging the skin around the eye area. Hope you will find the right eye care for yourself.

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