How to eat quickly for enough nutrition?


       You need to try to eat right, even if you have to eat fast food, use the healthiest way possible.

You need to try to eat right, even if you have to eat fast food, use the healthiest way possible. For example, if you must eat instant noodles, you need to increase the amount of less sweet fruits during breaks in the middle of the day instead of eating cakes.

Or choose to use black bread instead of white bread (especially for people with diabetes), both cases of instant noodles or bread need to use more vegetables or spices such as tomatoes, cucumber, basil, coriander (coriander), coriander …

In addition to a reasonable diet, a healthy lifestyle (limiting or not using stimulants such as alcohol, beer, tea, coffee, etc.) and regular physical activity is indispensable. . Take every opportunity to be physically active such as walking instead of riding if the distance is not too far; If possible, choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator…

* Things to note with the daily menu.

A proper diet will help the body stay healthy and avoid diseases. Here are 4 dietary issues that each person should pay attention to.

* Limit fat:

In addition to avoiding regular use of fried, roasted, fried, and fried foods, building a fat-reducing – cholesterol-lowering diet is important. Avoid eating foods high in cholesterol such as animal organs (heart, ovals, brains, intestines…), processed meat (sausages, bacon, sausages, canned fish meat, etc.) ), high-fat fast food (snack, chips, chips, pizza…). Should balance the ratio between sources of animal fat (pork fat, chicken fat…) and vegetable fat (oil, soybean, sesame, peanut…).

* Limit salt:

Salt is necessary for the body, but if you eat too much salt, you can suffer from diseases of blood pressure, heart disease, liver, kidney… Every day, adults should only use about a teaspoon of salt. Should create a habit of eating light food for the whole family, eating in moderation braised, rimmed and roasted dishes; limit processed foods containing a lot of salt such as sausages, sausages, bacon, instant noodles, pickles, salted eggplant, salted figs, dried fish; With boiled dishes, salt should not be added.

* Limit sweetness:

A diet too sweet will have a negative impact on health, increasing the risk of diabetes, overweight and obesity, heart disease, gum disease… Therefore, minimize it. the use of sugar, honey, confectionery, soft drinks… Get into the habit of drinking unsweetened milk, using fruit juices instead of smoothies with added sugar…

* Protein restriction:

Eating too much protein can cause cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, cancer, gout… Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the amount of protein in the daily menu to replace it with vegetables and fruits, creating a habit of eating a lot of fish and meat. poultry instead of red meat (pork, cow, sheep), increase the use of soy products such as tofu, soy milk…

Currently, people only know the warning not to abuse alcohol because it can damage the liver and wreak havoc on the body. serious. However, unhealthy eating is just as devastating to the body as harmful drinks….

The body when you eat yogurt daily.

Eating habits cause terrible stomach damage.