How to improve body shape in men.


       Exercise is the best way to improve your physique and increase your self-confidence. Here are a few exercises to help improve men’s physique that men can refer to.

The physique of many gentlemen is seriously degraded because they have to rush into busy work and have little time to take care of themselves. Owning an unbalanced body has made many people not confident enough to start a new relationship, make many friends.

* Exercises to help men improve their physique.

* Jump Squats.

Jump Squats work almost the entire body, especially the core and lower body.

The standard practice position of this exercise is to tighten the abdominal muscles by contracting the abdomen, pushing the chest forward. As you lower your center of gravity, lower your knees so that your thighs are in the direction of your feet. After creating the force to jump up, you land with half of your front foot. It is recommended to do this exercise for 30 seconds in a row or 20 times per set.

* Plank .

Not only works on the abdominal muscles, this exercise also works for the back and thighs. Plank’s ability to burn calories is greatly appreciated. This is an exercise that looks very simple, but it is very difficult to perform correctly for beginners.

The practitioner should pay attention to keep the back straight, tighten the abdominal muscles tightly, the force is evenly applied to the elbows and feet. In addition, you should put pressure on the core muscles, especially the abdominal muscles.

* Side Planks .

Side Plank is similar to when doing Plank, except that you maintain a leaning position to the side and use one hand to support.

This is an effective exercise for a firmer butt. The practitioner needs to lie on his back on the floor, feet hip-width apart. Then, put strength into your heels and raise your hips as high as you can, keeping your back straight.

* Hip Bridge .

This is the most effective exercise for the glutes and hamstrings. The practitioner needs to lie on his back on the floor, feet hip-width apart. Engage your upper back and core muscles. Then, put strength into your heels and raise your hips as high as you can, but keep your back straight.

* Push-up .

The preparation posture for this exercise is similar to the Plank exercise. As you lower your body, inhale deeply, pressing your shoulder blades together and bringing your elbows close to your hips. Use your arms and chest to bring your body back to the starting position while exhaling. This exercise helps to increase the tone and strength of the muscles in the chest, arms and shoulders.

* Cross-Crunches exercise.

This is one of the most simple and effective home exercises for men. It focuses on abdominal muscles, intercostal muscles, effectively improving abdominal muscles.

For this exercise, first you need to lie on your back, knees bent and keep your feet on the floor. Then bring your hands behind your head, align your shoulders, right elbows to your body, and lift your left knee toward your left shoulder. You need to try to touch the knee with your elbow. Finally, return to the starting position and repeat the same movement with your left elbow.

* Lunges exercises.

This is one of the best basic exercises for men to do at home. This exercise will help you increase the tone of the lower body and the flexibility of the hips.

First, you need to lower your hips until your ends are bent at a 90-degree angle. Step forward with one foot while keeping your upper body straight and relaxed. Finally, return to the starting position and put all your weight on your heels.

* Exercises to raise the knee.

This exercise will help you strengthen your thighs and hips. This is also one of the effective exercises to burn fat and lose weight.

You start the exercise to a standing position, feet hip-width apart. Then raise your right knee as high as you can while raising your left arm. You continue to perform the exercise with the other leg.

* Spot Jump exercises.

Spot Jump is a simple but very effective height increase exercise for men after 20 years old. The exercise begins with your legs spread wide, then bend your knees. Next, you jump up high and straighten your legs while raising your arms to the sky.

This movement should be done for 2 minutes in a row, rest for 30 seconds, then repeat the above movements from 5 to 7 times.

* Balance nutrition in daily diet.

In order for the body to be balanced and toned, in addition to diligently practicing sports, men also need to build themselves a healthy and scientific diet, ensuring adequate nutrition for the body. such as fiber, calcium, vitamin D, protein…

In addition, you also need to limit or not eat the following foods to maintain and improve your physique as well as prevent dangerous diseases.

– You should limit eating foods containing a lot of fat such as fatty meat, meat broth, margarine, pork leg meat …
– Limit eating foods high in cholesterol such as brain, heart, liver, kidney, pig intestine…
– Butter bread, butter mixed with vegetables, stir-fried, fried dishes …, are dishes with added fat you need to pay attention to to limit eating in daily meals.
– Besides, you to get a toned body, you should also limit energy-rich foods such as molasses, jam, candy, cakes, chocolate, soft drinks…
– You need to limit drinking stimulant drinks such as alcohol, beer, coffee

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