How to provide energy, improve women’s health.


       Women always need to take care of and improve their own health. Here are 7 ways to supplement vitamins, enhance flexibility effectively for women.

Women are often called “weak” or “beautiful” because unlike men – “strong men”, women often have smaller bones, health is also very different from men. Under this article, Long Chau pharmacy tells women some effective ways to improve their health and supplement vitamins.

* Improve health by regular physical activity.

Exercise at least 4 days a week, 30 minutes or more each time. Exercise hard because this is the most effective way to prevent cardiovascular disease, keep bones supple and improve physical and mental health.

* Have a healthy, balanced diet.

To have a balanced diet, you first need to stay away from unhealthy foods. Usually prepackaged or fast food. Should choose good foods containing vitamins and minerals, good nutrition for health such as:

– Assorted fruits and vegetables;

– Low-fat milk;

– Nuts, grains, olive oil;

– Beans and green vegetables are rich in fiber;

– Fish, lean meat and poultry;

– Additional vitamins.

* Deal with stress.

Excessive stress can cause many health problems.

– Meditation, yoga, exercise;

– Go to pure places, pagodas, churches;

– Go to psychotherapy.

* Do not drink alcohol, use stimulants.

The effect of alcohol and stimulants on women is more than that of men, although men are more likely to use it than women. Alcohol causes heart disease and breast cancer in women. In addition, women who use alcohol and stimulants during pregnancy will adversely affect the fetus, causing brain damage and mental retardation.

* Against aging .

Aging is inevitable for everyone. For women, healthy aging will depend on a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, exercise, and get regular check-ups. As for the appearance, to protect the skin from wrinkles, you should use sunscreen, moisturizer, and moisture for the skin. If you have freckles, age spots, see a doctor for treatment when necessary.

* Regular and periodical health check-ups.

Regular health check-ups to prevent gynecological diseases, potential risks in the body and to ensure the best health.

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