How to treat dark circles from the experts.


       Dark circles in the eyes are always an obsession of women. Bad eye skin will make you look tired and lifeless. Find out what dermatologists recommend to reduce dark circles!

1. Use eye cream.

Certain ingredients found in eye creams can help improve the skin around the eyes. For example, caffeine constricts blood vessels and reduces puffiness, and retinol and vitamins C and E help lighten dark circles. However, it cannot be completely treated with eye cream.

2. Makeup .

Although it does not help to treat dark circles, makeup also helps this area to brighten and bring vitality to the face. For dry skin, it is recommended to apply a thin, light makeup in the eye area. For oily skin, you can use matte concealer.

Dark circles under the eyes are difficult to conceal because this area of the skin is thinner than the rest of the face. Do not use too much cream, but should use a small makeup brush to spread from the dark area at the corner of the eye to the nose area.

3. Apply tea bag filter.

Tea has anti-inflammatory effects and reduces puffiness and dark circles. Keep the tea bag after drinking, let it cool, and place it on the eyelids with a damp tea bag for a few minutes. Applying tea bags regularly will help improve the skin around the eyes.

4. Use anti-allergic drugs.

Allergies and dark circles – sounds unrelated, right? But actually, allergies cause itching in the eyes, creating a habit of rubbing and rubbing the eyes continuously and then leaving dark circles on this thin skin. Especially for seasonal allergic rhinitis. To reduce allergy symptoms, consult your doctor to use appropriate anti-allergy medications or eye drops.

5. Wear sunglasses.

UV rays present in sunlight also darken the skin, making dark circles worse. Wearing sunglasses helps filter UV rays, in addition, it also helps limit squinting, preventing crow’s feet. Of course, don’t forget to choose quality glasses!

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