Improve low blood pressure by eating

        During the summer, high temperatures have a certain effect on blood pressure. For patients with low blood pressure, the symptoms of the disease are more pronounced when it is hot. Along with treatment measures, dietary therapy also helps patients improve their condition.

* Signs of low blood pressure .

People with low blood pressure have a systolic blood pressure value of less than 90mmHg and a diastolic blood pressure of less than 60mmHg, or a decrease of more than 20mmHg compared to the previous normal blood pressure value. Patients with low blood pressure often have the following symptoms: fatigue, weakness, and a great desire to rest, dizziness, difficulty concentrating and irritability, feeling nauseous, and in worse cases, fainting. Blood pressure that is too low can cause a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, or fainting. One thing few people know, low blood pressure is also a cause of cerebrovascular accident, accounting for 10-15% like high blood pressure; 30% of people with cerebral infarction and 25% of people with heart attacks are caused by low blood pressure.

* Diet therapy to reverse low blood pressure .

* Drink a lot of water .

Drinking plenty of water can help increase blood volume, reducing one of the potential causes of low blood pressure. Drinking water also helps to avoid dehydration. People with low blood pressure should avoid alcohol. Alcohol not only dehydrates the body, but also lowers blood pressure, even when enough water is provided for the body. Therefore, people with low blood pressure should avoid alcohol, only drink beer in moderation.

* Add electrolytes .

Electrolytes play a very important role in maintaining blood pressure. Patients can drink salt water diluted, diluted or lemon juice to replenish electrolytes for the body. In addition, drinks containing electrolyte groups such as sodium and potassium can be used for sports people.
Increase the amount of salt

People with low blood pressure should consider increasing their salt intake throughout the day to help raise blood pressure. The average person will eat 10g of salt per day. However, patients should consult a doctor to suit their condition and age. Salt should only be used in small amounts, just enough, too much salt will cause an increase in blood pressure when lying down.

* Healthy diet .

Eat enough meals, especially breakfast is very important. To prevent a sudden drop in blood pressure after meals, it is recommended to divide meals into several times a day and try to limit foods rich in carbohydrates (starch) such as potatoes, rice, porridge, pasta and bread. …

* Good food for people with low blood pressure .

It is necessary to provide adequate nutrients for the body according to food groups. In the daily diet, it is necessary to add foods that contain ingredients such as protein, vitamin C and all the vitamins of group B which are very beneficial. Some foods and drinks have the effect of increasing blood pressure such as: coffee, condensed tea, ginseng juice, tam ventricular powder, celery, grape juice, lotus seeds, longan, jujube, strawberry…

Eating foods to improve low blood pressure include foods with suitable sweet and salty flavors. Raisins help increase blood pressure for people with low blood pressure. This fruit maintains normal blood pressure by helping the adrenal glands to function. Should soak 30-40 raisins in water (for overnight) and eat every morning when hungry. Almonds control low blood pressure. Just like raisins, you should soak 4-5 almonds in water, keep overnight. Then peel the outer skin, puree and mix with hot milk.

Licorice root helps to normalize blood pressure readings. Drinking licorice tea for 2-3 weeks is effective in raising blood pressure. Patients with low blood pressure should eat a few slices of fresh ginger, or make ginger tea. Ginger contains volatile oil can stimulate gastric secretion, stimulate blood vessels, promote digestion, regularly eat ginger has a certain effect in the treatment of low blood pressure. In addition, people with low blood pressure due to anemia (in women and children) should eat beans, amaranth, jute vegetables, pork liver, chicken eggs …

* What should people with low blood pressure avoid?

Foods that can lower blood pressure even more such as: carrots (containing succinic salts) cause potassium in the urine to increase, leading to a decrease in blood pressure. Tomatoes are not good for people with low blood pressure. Blood pressure will decrease if you eat more tomatoes. Spinach, celery, watermelon, garlic, beans (red, green), garlic, and sunflower seeds can all lower blood pressure.

* Measures to reduce the harmful effects of low blood pressure .

Exercising regularly, suitable for health and age daily helps maintain blood circulation in the body, thus reducing low blood pressure. Many people have low blood pressure due to decreased nerve-vascular tone, too weak blood vessel walls, decreased contractility of the heart due to weak heart muscle. To strengthen the vascular wall and improve the heart’s ability to push blood, it is necessary to actively exercise.

Exercises such as walking, running, swimming, aerobics, badminton, etc. are suitable for physical fitness. Take a warm bath with magnesium salt added, this is one of the simple remedies to treat low blood pressure. In addition, this type of bath water also helps the body relax. People with low blood pressure should not stand for a long time in one place, lie with their heads high, and avoid prolonged contactu with hot water … so that the body does not drop blood pressure causing bad health problems.

When there are signs of dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue, it is necessary to lie down at a low head position to increase blood flow to the brain. Avoid climbing high, going out in the sun or getting cold suddenly, especially late at night. In daily activities, it is also necessary to avoid sudden position changes, so breathe deeply for a few minutes before standing up to increase blood circulation to parts of the body.

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