Natural foods reduce dry mouth.


       Dry mouth in addition to changing the taste of food, making you unable to eat well can also cause tooth decay.

* Causes of dry mouth.

Dry mouth, which can cause problems with enjoyment of food and mouth discomfort. Without saliva, food and bacteria linger in the mouth, promoting tooth decay. In addition, lack of saliva changes the taste of food and prevents the onset of digestion.

There are many causes of dry mouth including: Salivary gland disease, taking antihistamines, tranquilizers, antidepressants, cancer drugs, and Jorgen’s syndrome.

In addition to medication, treating dry mouth also involves changing your diet with natural foods that can yield spectacular results.

* When you have dry mouth, you should drink juice.

The American Cancer Society recommends drinking 8-10 cups of fluids a day, including water and juice, for dry mouth. It is especially important to drink fluids during meals. Water is the preferred drink, according to the University of Illinois at Chicago, but there should be no sugar, no coffee… The American Cancer Society suggests that nutritional supplements or milk cream to help keep the mouth moist is important. necessary, needs.

* Should eat liquid, soft food when dry mouth.

The American Cancer Society recommends eating soft foods when you have dry mouth. Examples of natural foods that are soft for people with dry mouth include tender meats, chicken, fish, smooth peanut butter, cream soups, cheese, yogurt, canned fruit, soft cooked/ salads, mashed potatoes, soft cooked pasta, cooked cereals, ice cream, cakes, ice cream, smoothies. The American Cancer Society also suggests using gravies, sauces, and water to add moisture to foods that make them easier to swallow.

* Foods that stimulate saliva relieve dry mouth.

Low-sugar candies, sugar-free gum, cherries or olives, and lemons can help stimulate saliva. The American Cancer Society also shows that lemon can stimulate salivation.

* Some other recommendations to combat dry mouth .

Limit your coffee intake, because caffeine can make your mouth drier.

Do not use mouthwashes that contain alcohol as they can dry out the mouth.

Stop using tobacco if you smoke or chew tobacco to avoid causing dry mouth.

Drinking sips of water regularly every day keeps the mouth moist.

thuc pham tot cho rang

Foods that help prevent tooth decay.

di bo ngoai troi tot cho suc khoe

Walking outdoors is good for the heart and brain.