Never do it after a jog.


        There are 5 common habits after running that you must avoid so as not to ruin your training efforts, according to the Times of India.

1. Do not eat or drink after the run.

The basic rule for doing any type of physical activity is to refuel and stay hydrated before and after a workout.

After a workout, our energy is depleted and sweating leads to fluid loss. Eating a nutritious meal and drinking water can help rebuild the muscles you’ve broken down during running and refueling. It’s best to eat within 20 to 30 minutes of your workout. Avoid overeating food as it can also sabotage your efforts.

2. Lie down or sit.

Running is exhausting, causing your heart rate to spike and leave you gasping for breath. Resting after a long run is important to get your heart rate and breathing back to normal.

But this should be done correctly. Lying down or sitting on the couch after a run will “undo” all your efforts. Instead of just sitting around or being completely inactive, focus on gentle activities. Doing some activities keeps the blood moving in the body, helping you recover faster, according to the Times of India.

3. Wear full sweaty clothes.

Obviously, you’ll feel a bit sluggish after your run, but wearing all your sweaty clothes might not be a good idea. The sweat on your clothes after a workout contains bacteria, which can multiply and cause skin problems for you. Wearing the same damp clothes for long periods of time can also cause you to catch a cold.

So as soon as you get home, throw your workout clothes in the laundry bag. Even if you don’t sweat a lot, wet clothes are perfect for bacteria growth. Even if you don’t take a shower right away, change your clothes.

4. Working hard.

You might have a few things to do in a day and you’ve planned your day accordingly, but if it includes some heavy lifting then leave it aside for a while. Engaging in any kind of heavy, energy-intensive work can make you more tired.

After your run, your muscles will get tired and need some time to rest. Hard work can strain your muscles and make you feel more exhausted.

5. Take a hot shower.

Taking a hot shower after a long time may not be a good idea either. This sounds like an ideal option to relax and loosen up your aching muscles, but it won’t do you much good. Hot water treatment can only help you relax after the pain is gone.

First, apply ice to relieve pain and swelling, rest for a while, and then soak in a hot tub if desired.

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