Simple habits to help you have a healthy liver.


    The liver is one of the most important organs in the body, performing the role of detoxifying and purifying the body naturally. However, the polluted living environment and unhealthy living and eating habits make the liver function of some subjects increasingly weakened.

The decrease in liver function will affect the process of eliminating toxins in the body, causing many dangers to human health. Therefore, maintaining a healthy liver is something that everyone should do. The following article will point out 8 simple but effective habits that will help protect your liver.

* Drink water before going to bed.

Many people believe that drinking water before going to bed will make the bladder full, urinate more at night, disturb sleep and not good for health. But in fact, just 1 cup of water will not make you urinate at night, but it is also very beneficial for the liver. Specifically, water will reduce the concentration of toxins that the liver needs to eliminate, help the liver perform better detoxification and reduce liver damage. Not only that, if you maintain this habit regularly, toxins in the body are eliminated regularly, so it will be very good for the health of the whole body.

In addition to drinking filtered water every night, to enhance the effect of protecting the liver, you can also drink a glass of lemon water every morning to help the liver secrete more bile, supporting the digestive system to work more smoothly.

* Regular exercise.

Exercising hard will help keep the body healthy both physically and mentally. Regular exercise helps to increase fitness, reduce stress, burn calories, promote metabolic processes and thereby improve liver health. At the same time, physical exercise will help toned muscles, remove excess fat, so it is very effective in treating fatty liver disease.

You don’t need to be active, you can choose the right form of exercise for you, regularly at a moderate intensity for about 30 minutes a day .

* Soak your feet in warm water.

At the end of a long day of hard work and study, the body will be in a state of exhaustion and the liver is no exception. Soaking feet with warm water before going to bed is a therapy to help eliminate toxins in the body, reducing the workload of the liver at night. In addition, warm water also promotes blood circulation in the body, helping to nourish and care for the liver better.

Note when soaking your feet with warm water, the temperature should not be too high, preferably in the range of 40 degrees Celsius, soak for up to 30 minutes and combine with gentle foot massage.

* Maintain a moderate weight.

According to a number of studies and statistics, people with type 2 diabetes are often associated with overweight and obesity and increase the likelihood of liver cancer. Implementing a reasonable and scientific weight loss plan helps you control excess body fat, not only giving you a slimmer physique, but also playing an important role in protecting liver function, preventing liver disease. fat.

* Control blood sugar.

Blood sugar level is an important factor in determining how good your liver is. Monitoring and controlling blood sugar levels with specialized blood glucose meters will contribute to timely detection and treatment of fatty liver disease.

* Build a healthy diet.

A healthy, nutritious diet will increase control and limit the risk of liver-related diseases and other complications caused by bad liver conditions. Limit the consumption of foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat and increase the intake of foods rich in fiber and bring many benefits for liver health such as fruits, vegetables, oatmeal or whole grains.

* Say no to alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine are the top enemies of the liver, because it destroys liver cells, reduces liver function and is the cause of fatty liver disease. In addition, when alcohol in alcohol enters the bloodstream through the stomach lining and intestines, only 10% is excreted through excretion, the remaining 90% goes directly to the liver.

This toxic amount of alcohol will cause serious liver toxicity, which is harmful to health. Not only for subjects who regularly drink alcohol, even occasional drinking of this type of alcoholic beverage also adversely affects the liver’s ability to metabolize fat. Therefore, stay away from alcohol to protect your liver health!

* Periodic health check.

Many dangerous diseases related to the liver take place in silence and only manifest when the disease has become severe. Therefore, the best way to detect and treat promptly is to have a general health checkup every 6 months or once a year at reputable medical facilities.

The liver helps to purify and remove toxic substances from the body, is an important part of the immune system and metabolic activities. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding bad habits will help you protect liver function, creating conditions for the body to develop healthier.

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