Slows down the aging process.


       Aging is a process of deterioration of cells in the body, everyone has to go through. Many people are often afraid of aging because this process causes organs such as the immune system, heart, and respiratory system to decline…

However, medical experts say aging is not scary, we can slow down this process. There are two processes that create the aging effects of the body: endogenous and exogenous aging.

Endogenous aging is the process by which people are born, grow, and age; This is an inevitable process (a process regulated by genes in the body).

With exogenous aging is caused by many factors that negatively affect the body such as smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol, unhealthy lifestyle, exposure to the sun without proper protective measures, environmental pollution…

Medical experts assert that aging is nothing to be afraid of if we properly understand and equip ourselves with knowledge about this process. In order not to age prematurely, medical experts recommend that from the age of 30, each person needs to be conscious of anti-aging.

It is necessary to have a scientific and reasonable diet, exercise, avoid stress stimulation, work properly. Eating a balance of starch, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals according to the recommended needs, eating a lot of green vegetables will help effectively prevent aging.

Food is considered a “panacea” for the skin.

Eating more mushrooms reduces the risk of cancer.