Stuttering when stressed, what to do?


      There are people who normally speak very fluently, but stutter when stressed or on special occasions. At that time, we are both unable to express our opinions and annoyed when our efforts are not rewarded. So is there a way to deal with this stressful stuttering?

Stuttering is not a strange phenomenon anymore and the number of people suffering from it is not small. According to many related documents, currently about 1% of the world’s population suffers from this disease. Among them, the proportion of males is higher than that of females.

During puberty, there are also many cases of stuttering when stressed. Because at this time, people often pay attention to their appearance and focus on the evaluation of others. They are always eager to express themselves in front of the crowd, so they easily fall into a state of stress. In order to thoroughly solve this situation, we must delve deeper into the influencing factors.

* Factors that lead to stuttering in puberty.

At present, the mechanism of the occurrence of stuttering is still not exactly understood. But many people consider it to be due to genetic factors, some physical diseases or impaired nervous system function… There are even recorded cases of never stuttering until puberty. . This case is mainly due to two factors.

The first factor is due to imitation from childhood. Because children’s curiosity is so strong, if they find others stuttering interesting, they will imitate them. If you imitate only 1-2 times, it’s fine, but if the frequency is too much, it will become habitual and naturally stutter.

There was once a case where an actor played a person who stuttered for several months. Later that person is also affected to leave “severe”, stuttering when stressed. They themselves cannot control the situation.

The second factor that affects pubertal stuttering is mental. As mentioned above, children at this age are very attentive to the image and evaluation of others for them. Therefore, they often want to express themselves in public and easily fall into a state of stress by focusing too much on people’s judgments.

When people are too stressed, people will easily encounter difficulties in thinking and language. That’s why there are people who just stand in front of the crowd, their hearts pounding, their faces red and their ears are red, and they can’t speak nervously. And the more stressed they are, the more they can’t speak.

If unfortunately there is a time when people stutter when stressed, people will be crucified thinking about that failure. From there, the fear of talking is formed. Every time you open your mouth, every time you feel anxious, that makes the stuttering worse.

* How to stop stuttering when stressed?

The first thing we need to do is try to forget our ego. Because the more we appreciate it, the more we pay attention to the views of others. The more you value how others see you, the more stressed you become, and the more stressed you are, the more likely you are to stutter.

So every time you give a speech, you just pretend like no one is around. Give your full attention to the talk, as if you were practicing speaking by yourself. Only then can the pressure on the mind and body be reduced. Because we only stutter when we are stressed, if we are no longer stressed, stuttering will also improve. Of course, besides being in good spirits, you should also prepare carefully before eloquent or speaking. The next problem that we have to focus on is learning how to regulate our emotions.

Because stress makes people stutter more easily, before speaking or giving a speech people should relax their body, all facial muscles, lips and mouth. At the same time, take a deep breath and mutter “relax, relax…” in your mouth to stabilize your emotions, eliminate stuttering when stressed. In addition, language exercises can also be applied to stutterers.

It is perfectly normal for people to stutter from a physiological point of view of the vocal system. Therefore, stuttering can be completely improved, the specific method is: control the speed when talking, speak slowly, speak each word clearly, not skimping. In addition, the sound when speaking must be neither fast nor slow, neither too heavy nor too light.

You can lengthen the first syllable slightly to give yourself time to think about the pronunciation of the second syllable. Then, follow the rhythm of the whole sentence to have appropriate pauses. You, especially young people, do not worry too much about stuttering when stressed.

Because there are many famous people in history who have stuttered such as T.Edison, A.Einstein… Even the first scholar to study the phenomenon of stuttering in the world like Windel Johansson was also a stutterer. . So what we need most is perseverance and faith to cure this disease.

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