Summer drinks.


      Bright and smooth skin is always the dream of women. Here, we will introduce some safe and effective skin whitening drinks.

* Orange juice .

Another fruit for beautiful orange juice, oranges are known for being a source of many healthy natural vitamins and minerals. That’s why people always make orange juice to drink when tired or sick. And that source of nutrients is also extremely effective in improving your skin. With 1-2 cups of delicious orange juice per day, you will be amazed at your skin in no time.

* Coconut water .

Water from fresh coconut has a cooling effect, cools, and provides many beneficial minerals for the body. Cytokinin in coconut water has the ability to promote skin cell growth. Lauric acid helps to minimize the aging of skin cells, balance the PH level and keep the skin moist. Coconut water is low in calories and fat but rich in vitamins and minerals. Regular and moderate use helps fight skin aging, dry skin. This water also helps regulate blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, and cholesterol. Coconut water also supports weight loss thanks to its ability to increase metabolism in the body.

Fresh coconut water should be used in moderation every other day, not drinking much in a day will make the body cold. Before exercising, when you are outside in the hot sun, you should not drink coconut water. Should drink coconut water as soon as the fruit is opened, it should not be left for a long time to lose its good effect.

* Soymilk .

Soy milk and soy products are rich in vitamins C and E. Daily drinking of soy milk or eating soy products can enhance skin softness, and can also fade scars.

* Carrot .

Carrots are rich in vitamin A which is very good for the skin. Drinking carrot juice regularly is the secret for those with dull skin who want bright skin. Drinking a glass of carrot juice every day will slow down the aging process, whiten skin and keep body weight.

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