Summer skin care mistakes you must not make.


       A lot of mistakes when taking care of skin in the summer you need to pay attention to avoid in order not to damage the skin.

Vigorously wiping the skin with a towel can irritate the skin. The better way is to pat the skin gently to splash the water, causing the skin to dry naturally.

* Only use deodorant in the morning.

Most people use deodorant in the morning. But if you are a person who sweats or has a strong odor then you should apply those products throughout the evening. Zeichner further explains: “In fact, antiperspirants have been shown to be more effective if used at night. Deodorants work by blocking sweat glands, preventing sweat from seeping through. the skin out. Therefore, in the evening, when you are less active, this reducing agent will easily adhere to the skin.”

* Shave before bathing.

We often shave our legs and armpits when summer comes to confidently wear bikinis. But the truth is that you should shave after stepping out of the shower. Joshua Zeichner – Dermatologist, director of cosmetic and clinical dermatology research at Mount Sinai Medical Center (New York, USA) – advises: “You should take a warm bath for soft hair to make it easier to shave. Shaving in a dry state will easily damage the hair follicles and cause pain,” he said.

* Do not shower again after swimming.

If you don’t shower with shampoo and conditioner, you should at least take a shower with clean water after a while in the pool. “This is necessary because chlorine can dry out the skin and cause irritation,” says Zeichner.

* Don’t wear sunglasses.

If you don’t protect your eyes from the sun, your risk of cataracts, macular degeneration and skin cancer on the eyelids is very high.

You should look for a pair of glasses that contain at least 99% UVA and UVB protection. To be sure, take your sunglasses to an ophthalmologist to have your lenses scanned to see how well they protect your eyes. Wearing sunglasses also helps reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes caused by squinting.

Just eat it… it’s incredibly beautiful.

Never do it after a jog.