Take care of your health with a scientific breakfast.


         A scientific breakfast is the most effective way for you to take care of your health. Science has also proven that skipping breakfast for a long time will make you suffer from many dangerous diseases such as low blood pressure, gastritis, weakened immune system…

Breakfast is one of the three main meals humans must provide for the body every day. But for some reason many people have the habit of skipping breakfast or treating breakfast as just a snack. This is a completely wrong view and can cause many harms to the body. Let’s find out useful information with Long Chau pharmacy to take care of your health thanks to a scientific breakfast.

* The role of breakfast for health.

Described as the most important meal of the day, breakfast fuels whatever activity is coming your way during the day. Indeed, breakfast not only helps kickstart metabolism, burning energy, but also helps your morning work become smoother, more focused.

Many studies also show that breakfast enhances brain memory, increases concentration, helps reduce the risk of diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes … More importantly, breakfast also plays a role bridge to build health care habits, healthy living.

* Health protection benefits of eating breakfast regularly.

– The metabolism and absorption of substances in the body is accelerated.

– Make sure the blood sugar level in the body is stable.

– Good weight control and effective body maintenance.

– Improve brain performance and ability.

– Improve morale best.

– Support to regulate the cardiovascular system to work stably.

* What will your health be if you skip breakfast?

* Skipping breakfast is not good for the stomach.

At about 7 am, the stomach will secrete digestive enzymes, stomach acid… Without breakfast, it will not be able to neutralize that enzyme and acid, affecting the stomach lining. This condition occurs continuously will lead to stomach ulcers, chronic gastritis. Especially when bowel movements are reduced, some old residues in the intestines are not eliminated from the body, which will easily lead to the risk of stone formation in the long run, which is very dangerous.

* Skipping breakfast causes the body to lose its balance.

After a long sleep, the body has digested all the energy you loaded from the previous day. The blood sugar index of the body in the morning is at a low level. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement nutrients to increase blood sugar levels.

When you constantly skip breakfast, a series of harmful phenomena can occur such as: feeling nauseous, hangover, low blood pressure, damaged digestive system, more serious can reduce immunity body fluids. On the other hand, when you don’t eat breakfast, your body is forced to take energy from the liver, making it easy for the liver to fall into overdrive.

* Rapid aging.

When you fast for a long time, it will make the skin surface dry, tan, lose nutrition and moisture because the body has to mobilize the amount of protein and sugar stored, so it is easy to appear wrinkles, especially in the eye area and face.

* Work productivity declines.

If you don’t eat breakfast, many phenomena will appear such as: stomach cramps, hungry stomach, tired body, slow response… Lack of energy in the body will make you lack alertness and can’t concentrate.

Not everyone knows this harmful effect of skipping breakfast. Many people believe that when skipping breakfast, the body will limit the absorption of fat and starch, helping to prevent obesity.

But in fact this view is a mistake. Not getting enough energy in the morning can cause you to eat more at other times of the day (lunch and dinner). Especially in the evening, because the body is less active, so it uses less energy and still has to eat a large amount of food, which will easily lead to the risk of obesity.

* Easily “bad breath”.

In fact, bad breath in the morning is normal. However, if you do not eat breakfast, because you cannot stimulate the enzyme to work to eliminate the bad smell, bad breath will become more serious.

* Decreased immunity.

The immunity and resistance of the body will decrease when you regularly skip breakfast. Periods of fasting can cause some damage to cells in the body, so you need to provide food regularly to help strengthen immune cells, limit infections and fight off infections. pathogenic cells.

* What to eat for breakfast for better health care.

* Egg .

Dubbed the “excellent source of protein”, breakfast with eggs is a great choice for those who want to lose weight. Eating eggs in the morning not only increases feelings of fullness, but also helps maintain stable blood sugar and insulin levels. In addition, egg yolks contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are antioxidants that help prevent eye disorders like macular degeneration or cataracts.

* Whole grains.

You should prioritize choices that are high in fiber and low in sugar. Eating cereal in the morning is a time-saving but still nutritious option, because this food will supplement folic acid and many other essential nutrients for your body.

* Oat .

Oats contain a high amount of cholesterol-lowering fiber called beta-glucan, so this is also a great choice for breakfast. To start your day with a nutritious and delicious meal, you can use oats with milk, honey, fruit, nuts, etc., which contribute to increasing the protein content in breakfast.

* Fruit combined with yogurt or cheese.

Combining fruit with eggs, cheese or yogurt will create a nutritious and filling breakfast that will last for hours.

* Foods that should not be used for breakfast.

* Snacks .

Snacks are diverse but not nutritionally balanced. Eating a lot of junk food not only makes you gain weight, but also increases the risk of low blood pressure.

* Fast food .

Many people do not have time to prepare breakfast, so they often eat outside restaurants, use fast foods such as hamburgers, french fries, fried chicken… In addition, processed meats such as: Smoked meat, sausages, canned foods contain a lot of preservatives that also cause the blood sugar index to increase, which has a significant impact on health. The continuous use of greasy foods in the morning not only makes the body fall into a lack of nutrients but also increases the risk of obesity and stomach disease.

Spicy and sour foods: Spicy foods in the morning can increase the acidity of the stomach. A spicy and sour breakfast will cause strong irritation to the stomach lining and intestinal wall, causing you to suffer from diseases of stomach pain, reflux esophagitis, excess gastric juice …

* Toasted bread .

Toast is a popular breakfast choice for many people because it’s a quick and easy dish to make. However, the ingredients of toast are very low in protein and may contain unhealthy substances. Using bread in the morning will cause the body to lack energy, reduce the concentration of the brain.

* Drink cold water.

When you first wake up, your body is still not functioning properly. If you drink cold or iced water, it will stimulate the blood vessels of the stomach lining to constrict, affect digestion, speed up intestinal motility, even cause mild abdominal pain, or stomach pain or diarrhea.


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