The magic trick to get rid of excess fat.


     Metabolism is the process of converting calories into energy for life-sustaining activities of the body: respiration, digestion, blood circulation, etc. Boosting metabolism with the following 15 simple methods is the key to a healthy lifestyle. weight problem for you.

1. Get enough sleep.

Doctors always emphasize 7-8 hours of sleep at night is very important for health. Don’t think that when you sleep, your body stagnates. While we sleep, we still burn large amounts of calories. A deep sleep ensures the organs recover and work better for the next day.

2. Make a healthy schedule.

Sticking to the right schedule helps you lead a healthier lifestyle. Lifestyle changes erratically, eating at the wrong time makes the body easy to store fat. If you have a moderate lifestyle, even if you don’t exercise much, you can still reduce 300 calories / day.

3. Change the exercises often.

If you do the same exercise, at the same intensity every day, your body will gradually reduce its energy consumption. Therefore, for effective training results, you should regularly change your exercises. If you like to run, you should change your running route every week. If you’re in the gym, switch to swimming or yoga from time to time. The change in exercise intensity is the switch that stimulates metabolism, burning fat faster.

4. Eat several small meals a day.

For many people, going on a diet means limiting your food intake, eating as little as possible. This is not actually true. You should eat many small meals a day to help the body metabolism better. In addition, the meal menu also needs to combine a variety of healthy foods.

5. Limit eating sweets and artificial fats.

Artificial fats are fatty acids that are difficult for the body to metabolize. They are found in animal fats, cakes, and cakes. When the body does not have to absorb sweets, you have reduced 200 calories / day.

6. Drink lots of water.

Water makes up 60-70% of body weight. When the body lacks water, the body works less efficiently, the number of calories burned is lower. You need to drink enough water every day to ensure a favorable metabolism, helping to lose weight effectively.

7. Outdoor activities.

Experts have shown that people who spend more time outdoors are less likely to be obese and healthier. The reason is because they are active and regularly absorb large amounts of vitamin D. An hour of walking outdoors every day is the key to boosting metabolism and building a healthy lifestyle for you.

8. Drink coffee in moderation.

Coffee not only keeps you awake, it also helps you burn more calories. However, 2 cups of black coffee every morning is enough. If you drink too much coffee, you will find it difficult to work.

9. Add fish to the daily menu.

Sea foods such as salmon, halibut, and tuna are effective weight loss foods. Fish contains huge amounts of Omega-3 fats. This type of fatty acid is not fatty, but on the contrary, it acts as a lubricant for the organs to operate more smoothly. In short, fish with Omega-3 creates the foundation for many positive factors that promote metabolism.

10. Laugh often.

Doctors found that the body responds to laughter in a similar way to exercise. When you smile, blood circulates better, blood pressure increases and pulse beats faster. Not only that, laughter also boosts metabolism. So laugh out loud at whatever excites you.

11. Limit stress.

When stress is prolonged, the body releases large amounts of the weight-gain hormone cortisol as a signal to call for help. At this point, you should try to relax. Methods like meditation, yoga or chatting with friends can make you feel better. The better the mood, the easier it is to lose weight.

12. Do not sit too much.

With an office job, you get rid of having to commute 8 hours/day. But in fact, you are facing a similar challenge that is sitting 8 hours / day. Experts compare the harmful effects of sitting for long periods of time with sleep deprivation. Sitting for too long will reduce metabolism, especially, easy to form belly fat. Standing up for 5-10 minutes after a tiring hour of sitting is a simple thing to stimulate the body’s metabolism.

13. Drink two cups of tea a day.

If you are not in the habit of drinking green tea, you should practice now. Because two or three cups of tea (hot or cold) a day boosts metabolism. People who drink tea often lose weight faster than people who don’t drink tea.

14. Eat protein-rich foods.

Make protein-rich foods the main course of your meal because they consume a lot of calories for digestion. In addition, these foods also help you feel full for longer, maintaining energy for a long, positive day.

15. “Love” more often.

Sex is good for both your body and your brain. “Falling in love” for 30 minutes burns 200-300 calories, releases endorphins and stimulates a faster metabolism.

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