The natural way to balance hormones for better health.


     Hormones are hormones that are important to our living body, if they are lacking or in excess, they will affect our health. The human body is a weak organ system. Therefore, we need to take care of our health.

It can be said that everything we eat, good or bad living habits or lifestyle affects our health, which is related to hormone levels. But the problem is whether high or low hormone levels are very dangerous for human health. Fortunately, there are many simple methods that we can easily implement every day to balance hormone levels, without affecting health.

* Testosterone.

The male hormone testosterone plays a role in the development of various parts of the body such as bones and muscles. In particular, during the period of male development during puberty and adulthood, hormone levels play an important role in sperm production, affecting libido and body energy.

Eating pomegranate helps men increase testosterone From that, it can be seen that nutrition has a great influence on testosterone levels. Products such as soy, tofu, white flour, or the use of alcoholic beverages all reduce hormone levels. In contrast, foods like grapes, tuna, pomegranates, and eggs have been shown to boost testosterone.

* Estrogens.

A healthy diet affects not only testosterone levels, but also estrogen levels. One thing to know is that hormone levels in women are responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle, affecting the development of breasts, as well as protecting bones in both men and women. In addition, ensuring an appropriate weight index also maintains effective estrogen levels. Because losing weight can reduce the production of hormones in the body. High estrogen levels are linked to problems with breast cancer and obesity.

Therefore, experts recommend: To maintain healthy estrogen levels, we should use foods such as cereals, soybeans, fruits, fresh vegetables, especially broccoli. cauliflower and cabbage. While soy and soy milk products, tofu is a “panacea” to increase estrogen for women, this is a remedy to reduce testosterone in men.

* Adrenaline .

This is a hormone produced during stress through the respiratory tract, the process of blood circulation to vital organs, and improving health. But too much adrenaline can cause irritability, dizziness, restlessness, anxiety. One of the ways to regulate adrenaline levels is to overcome feelings of anxiety. Meditation is one of the solutions to balance the hormone Adrenaline, improve blood circulation Some common methods that can reduce stress are meditation, participating in physical activity. Mindfulness meditation exercises have been shown to reduce anxiety and improve concentration. We can practice deep breathing, drink hot water, or simply listen to the sounds of life around us.

* Cortisol .

Just like adrenaline, Cortisol is the hormone associated with stress. Cortisol helps maintain water balance and blood pressure. In addition, this hormone also affects sex drive, immunity, digestive problems. But high levels of Costisol will suppress the immune system, reduce sex drive, increase blood pressure as well as have physiological changes such as acne, obesity. Thus, stress-modifying measures of adrenaline have a similar effect on regulating cortisol levels.

* Insulin .

In general, exercise helps keep insulin levels stable. This is especially good for patients with diabetes, as it can increase the body’s sensitivity to the hormone insulin. At the same time, when we exercise, blood sugar will decrease, which will benefit this hormone.

For people with diabetes, although it is important to take care of insulin hormone levels, and blood sugar levels, too much exercise without proper blood sugar regulation can lead to diabetes. to hypoglycemia. And if blood sugar drops too low, it can cause serious health problems as a whole.

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