The reason why you increase wrinkles on your skin.


Many of your daily habits can also cause crow’s feet to appear on your face.

* Consumption of red meat.

Research in the Netherlands shows that women who eat red meat tend to have more wrinkles. Furthermore, cooking meat and fats at high, dry heat can lead to diabetes. But this can be prevented if you eat less meat and choose soups and stews instead of grilling. In addition, try to eat more fruits to have a youthful skin.

* Lack of sleep leads to dehydrated skin.

If you lose sleep even one night or consistently sleep less than five hours a day, it can lead to dehydration and a reduced skin barrier, researchers say.

Adequate rest is key to rejuvenation and the growth of new cells, so if you consider rest important, you will be able to keep your youthful appearance longer.

* Antioxidant deficiency.

You should eat more vegetables, especially carrots, squash, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables, adding olive oil in your diet.

* Extreme diets.

Extreme diets, especially the one-food-only diet, will lead to an imbalance of protein, fat, carbohydrates… Research has shown that carbs are very important for women in pregnancy. when men need to eat enough protein to maintain a youthful appearance.

* Insomnia .

Research has shown that, even if you lose sleep for just one night, it affects your skin. Adequate rest is key to rejuvenation and growth of new cells. So if you value rest, you can stay young for longer.

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