The skin care routine helps to limit aging.


      The skin care steps in the article will help you prevent premature skin aging, keep your beauty fresh and radiant with time.

We can completely limit the aging process for the skin by many different methods. In particular, choosing a suitable and safe skin care cycle is one of the ways to effectively care for the skin and limit the signs of aging.

* Skin care cycle to limit the aging process.

Step 1: Cleanse the skin with a gentle product that is not too harsh.

Cleansing the skin is an important step to help you remove dirt, excess oil like other impurities on the skin. In particular, from the age of 25, you need to pay more attention to the step of cleansing your skin with the selection of a face wash that is suitable for your skin. In particular, it is necessary to avoid products with too strong detergents that will dry out the skin.

Step 2: Choose a moisturizer that contains glycolic acid.

To keep the skin smooth and soft, the addition of moisturizing products is extremely necessary and important. In particular, the product containing Glycolic Acid ingredients is one of the great choices for skin that you should not ignore.

Glycolic Acid ingredient has the effect of removing dead cells as well as regenerating the skin, helping to keep the skin smooth and smooth, effectively blurring skin pigmentation causing melasma. However, those with sensitive skin should be cautious in products containing this ingredient. In addition, you can consult your doctor in the use of skin care products containing acids.

Step 3: Use the essence to treat melasma.

The skin that appears melasma, age spots is called hyperpigmentation. It is caused by an excess of melanin in the body. Many women cover this defect with makeup. But this is only a temporary method with no lasting effect. If used for a long time, it will make it more difficult to completely treat hyperpigmentation.

Therefore, to be able to help eliminate hyperpigmentation on the skin, you should use special products to treat melasma and dark spots on the skin. You should also use sunscreen or wear a jacket that carefully covers your skin.

Step 4: Use eye cream.

In addition to using face cream, the eyes are also one of the “addresses” on the body where signs of aging “visit” quite early. Especially if you don’t use skin care products for the eye area. Therefore, it is necessary to add eye care products to maintain moisture as well as limit the appearance of premature wrinkles in this skin area.

Step 5: Use sunscreen.

Regardless of the weather, you need to use sunscreen every day. Since the sun’s rays are hiding everywhere, it can strike our skin no matter when. UV rays cause damage and affect to the skin, leading to dark spots, causing wrinkles to appear as well as breaking collagen structure causing skin aging.

To be able to protect your skin better, you should pay attention in choosing the right skin care products. Besides, it is necessary to have a reasonable cycle and order to use the products. Avoid using excessive skin care products that cause over-excitation or cause irritation to your skin.

* A few notes in the specific anti-aging skin care routine.

– Should use more makeup remover in the cleaning step to help better remove dirt on the skin, help open pores, remove excess oil.
– Can use more toners to help balance the skin after washing the face as well as before using serums or creams.
– The order when using skin care products should be from liquid to thickened, to help the skin absorb the products in the best way.
Exfoliating the skin, whether physical or chemical exfoliation, should only be done twice a week. Particularly with physical exfoliation, do not rub too hard to cause damage to the skin.
– If you have easily irritated skin when building a skin care routine, you should pay attention to test skin care products on a small area of ​​​​the body before applying to the whole face to avoid causing irritation.
In particular, you should add to your skin care routine products that contain ingredients that are effective in preventing aging such as Vitamin C, Retinol, BHA.
– For areas prone to signs of aging such as eyes, neck, hands, should use specialized cream products for these skin areas.

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