The weather turns cold, the body is susceptible to the following 4 diseases.


        People who are physically weak or do not adapt in time are very susceptible to infection when it gets cold. Health professionals will note the measures to protect your health.

To proactively stay healthy in erratic hot and cold weather, medical experts advise people to monitor weather information daily. At the same time, strengthen the resistance by supplementing with proper nutrition. Use green vegetables, fresh fruits, ensure adequate vitamins A, C, E, calcium, minerals, fiber.

Here are some diseases that are easy to get when the weather changes and the advice of medical experts:

1. Colds, flu.

The weather is cold, the immune system is weakened, making us more susceptible to colds and flu. This will not be too serious a disease if treated promptly.

Tips: To prevent, we need to keep the body warm, wear warm enough clothes, wrap a scarf around the neck. Children and the elderly should limit going out when the weather is too cold. In particular, do not go out early in the morning and too late at night.

2. Asthma, rhinitis.

The neck and nose are associated with breathing. Therefore, when the weather changes, we need to take care of them more carefully. Because when the weather is dry, viruses that cause respiratory diseases will thrive.

Tip: Therefore, it is very important to keep the neck, chest and nose areas warm at all times. Should rinse your mouth with physiological saline, brush your teeth before and after waking up, after each meal. Keeping your throat and mouth warm without inflammation will limit sinusitis. Sinusitis recurs because the sinus system and upper respiratory tract are interconnected.

3. Weather allergies.

A disease that almost everyone will suffer from weather changes is weather allergies. Unexpected cold weather, temperature difference between day and night causes us to have rashes, rashes, dry cracked skin, daily activities become inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Tips: To overcome this situation, in addition to keeping the body warm, pay attention in eating, limit eating sweets, alcohol, things that can cause allergies. We should also take care of our skin carefully, paying attention to body hygiene.

4. Risk of stroke.

Today, stroke not only happens to the elderly, but can also occur in the young. The reason is due to lack of exercise and heavy use of alcohol. The cold season makes people with cardiovascular disease more likely to have complications of heart failure, stroke, and stroke.

Tips: To prevent we need to have a reasonable lifestyle. Psychological stability, avoid stress, fatigue. Increase exercise. Limit eating a lot of animal fat, do not drink alcohol, beer, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Go for regular health check-ups.

Health problems can be improved by eating bell peppers.

Group of people should not drink coffee.