Useful anti-aging habits.


      From the age of 25, women’s skin begins to show potential signs of aging such as: Skin is less elastic, dull, the risk of melasma, freckles, … Here are 8 anti-aging habits Very effective chemical for women.

In everyday life, there are habits that inadvertently accelerate aging, making you at the age of 25 but feel like you are 52. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to some habits below to maintain youth forever. Please.

* Limit sweets.

The way you eat every day also affects the health and speed of skin aging. When eating a lot of spicy and greasy foods will make the skin more acne, foods high in sugar will lose the amount of collagen and elastin, reducing the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

Therefore, to limit the rate of anti-aging, establishing a healthy, low-sugar, low-fat diet is essential.

* Sunscreen .

The sun is one of the main causes of skin problems such as darkening, dryness, pigmentation, freckles and skin aging. Therefore, it is necessary to practice the habit of applying sunscreen before going out even when it is not sunny to prevent UV rays against skin aging.

Don’t think that winter, rainy weather or the nature of work sitting in the office means you don’t need to apply sunscreen. Because UV rays can penetrate thick layers of clouds, through glass doors, through curtains to harm your skin. Applying sunscreen not only protects against ultraviolet rays, but also blocks blue light radiation from electronic devices is also very effective. So, if you want to reverse the signs of aging, you can’t skip this important sunscreen step.

* Drink a lot of water .

Water plays a very important role in our body, helping to nourish cells and muscle areas, support metabolism and eliminate toxins effectively. When replenishing enough water not only helps the body stay in a state of vitality, smooth skin but also maintains energy to operate throughout the day.

If you want to “reverse aging”, set a scientific time frame for drinking water. Besides drinking enough water, you need to evenly divide the amount of water you drink during the day into different times to ensure that the body is not thirsty at any time.

* Focus on sleep.

Sleep is very important and greatly affects human aging and mental health. When the body falls asleep, this is considered the golden time for the skin to recover and regenerate cells. Therefore, you need to comply with enough sleep and on time to have a youthful, healthy skin and limit the signs of aging.

Besides getting enough sleep, the sleeping position as well as the quality of sleep plays an important role in the skin. When you lie on your stomach, it is easy to cause wrinkles on your face, and touching your face with the pillow will be prone to acne if the pillow is not clean. And if you do not sleep deeply, the absorption of nutrients from anti-aging skincare products will not be effective.

* Use a washing machine.

When society is developing, skin care machines and tools are born, making the demand for use high. And one of the most essential products is a face wash. Using a face wash will help deep clean the dirt on the skin, the sebum in the pores. Especially when the air is now more polluted, it will be difficult to wash your face with ordinary facial cleansers to completely clean the skin of dirt.

Besides, if you choose the right quality face wash, it will not only be cleaned, but your skin will also be strengthened and effective elasticity by the massage process of the machine.

* Use cosmetics suitable for skin characteristics.

Choosing the right cosmetics for your skin is very important. When choosing the wrong product, your skin will be easily irritated and have many problems such as acne, redness, itching. When the skin suffers too much damage, it will cause the skin to appear signs of aging and sagging skin. Therefore, learn carefully the condition of your skin to choose the right product.

* Supplement collagen for the body.

An important ingredient that affects the youthfulness of the skin is collagen. When the body turns 25 years old, the body begins to show signs of aging. At this time, the quantity and quality of collagen fibers in the body is reduced. Therefore, focusing on supplementing collagen for the body is very necessary.

You can supplement collagen by adding foods that stimulate collagen production in your daily diet such as soy milk, vitamin C-rich vegetables, eggs, … or the fastest way is to add collagen. supplemented with functional foods.

* Exercise every day.

Maintaining a daily exercise routine will make the body stronger, firmer and significantly improve the skin. When the body is active, it will promote metabolism, help the skin detox and increase collagen effectively.

Therefore, taking 30 minutes a day to exercise will improve and increase the youthfulness of the skin a lot.


Inactivity increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

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The skin care routine helps to limit aging.