Visiting Aunt Sara Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to The Visiting Aunt Sara Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

visiting aunt sara walkthrough guide

Visiting Aunt Sara Walkthrough – First Steps

  • Collect the 1st Coin (on the table between the door to the backyard and the tv room, near to a “clock?”
  • Backyard > click on the hot tub > then go to the mud next to the far right red plant
  • Head Upstairs > Click on the Key (Table) > Click on the right Plant to get a card
  • Collect the 2nd Coin (look to the wall to the left of the left plant)
  • Bathroom (2nd Door) – Take the Lime from the Green Box
  • Synthia’s Room (3rd door) – Take the Card (infront of the Closet)
  • Zach’s room (4th Door) > take the lighter (Click on the Pillow) and take the Card (top side of the Bed
  • Garage > Red Box (Use Key to get Pliers) > White Bag (Use Box of Lime to get Chlorine > Black Box (Use Pliers) > get the Shovel
  • Kitchen > get the Duck tape (Counter next to the Fridge) > Click on the Plant to get the Card
  • Backyard > use the shovel in the mud next to the far right red plant to get the cryptic paper > Use Chlorine in the Hot Tub > Use Duck tape on the Water Pump > Take the card from the Big Plant south of the Water Pump
  • Kitchen > Click on Aunt Sara
  • Upstairs > Aunt Sara’s Room (1st Door) > Yes
  • Backyard > Hot Tub > Get in
  • Upstairs > Aunt Sara’s Room > Alchol Bottle
  • Kitchen > Fridge (Cranberry Juice) > Glasses (Alchol) > Glasses (Cranberry Juice)
  • Backyard > Aunt Sara (give her the Cranberry Cocktail) > Click on Aunt Sara
  • Kitchen > Click on Aunt Sara > Take the Gloves (Kitchen Sink)
  • Frontyard > Use Gloves on the Trash Can to getForbidden Desiers > Collect the 3rd coin (between the left tree and the bush)
  • Outer Backyard > Take a brown card from the left side > Take a brown card from the right side
    Living Room > Aunt Sara (Use Forbidden Desiers with ger)

Black Box Code

  • Aunt Sara’s Room – > Clothes (On the bed) > Yes > Black Box (Bottom Right) use code 387  to get the Thumb Drive
  • Dinning Hall > Laundry Machine (Use Clothes)

Visiting Aunt Sara Walkthrough – Save Point

  • Head Upstairs Avoid Aunt Sara and enter her bathroom (if you fail, load from the save point)
  • Aunt Sara’a Bathroom > take the coin from the Red Chest > Click on the Plant (Left)
  • Let her catch you
  • Zach’s Room > Radio
    Dinning Hall > Calculator twice to get a metal detector
  • Backyard – Below the Big Tree (Ring)
  • Upstairs > Sara (give her the Ring)
  • Frontyard>Newspaper
  • Backyard > Clothes
  • Dinning Hall > Aunt Sara
  • Viewing Area (South of where you are) > PC Screen (Use Thumb Drive) > Two Heart Fragments
  • Living Room > Aunt Sara >I opened Paul’s lockbox
  • Synthia’s Room > Sara

Killing the Rat

  • Aunt Sara’s Room > Bathroom
  • Kitchen > Sink – Yes (Glass of Water) > Fridge (Cheese)
  • Garage – > Bucket (Glass of Water) > Bucket (cheese) > Bucket (Shovel)
  • Aunt Sara’s Room > Sara
  • Frontyard > Ricky
  • Upstairs
  • Synthia’s Room > Closet (Coat Hanger)
  • Frontyard> Ricky’s Car (Use Coat Hanger)
  • Kitchen > Phone
  • Upstairs
  • Frontyard
  • Living Room > Aunt Sara
  • Frontyard > Box > Push it close to the Hot Tub > Aunt Sara
  • Kitchen
  • Backyard > mud area south of Bee Hive > Bee Hive (Use Newspaper) > Newspaper (Use Lighter) > Dead Bush (Use Lighter)
  • Garage > Bucket

Visiting Aunt Sara Walkthrough – Ending

  • Backyard > Fire (Use Bucket of Water) >Aunt Sara (Use Heart)
    Head to Aunt Sara’s Room – Click on your Clothes – Yes
    Head Downstairs
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