Walking is more effective in preventing diabetes than jogging.


        Research out of Duke University shows that walking can help fight diabetes more than jogging. For the study, researchers asked people with prediabetes, whose blood sugar was elevated but not to the point of being considered diabetic, to walk briskly or jog 22 kilometers a week for six months.

They found that those in the walking group improved their sugar tolerance almost six times better than the runners.
More research is needed to find out exactly why walking appears to be more anti-diabetic than running, the researchers say.

However, they also put forward several hypotheses: When exercising at a moderate level, such as walking for 4.5km, the body uses stored fatty acids for “fuel” more than during intense exercise. like jogging with the same distance.

Here’s good news for people at risk for diabetes: too many fatty acids can make it harder for the body to process the hormone insulin. And if the body doesn’t use insulin effectively, the cells won’t be able to absorb sugar from the bloodstream.

So the body needs more insulin to try to compensate. Ultimately, you cannot produce enough insulin to effectively remove blood sugar, which causes prediabetes and diabetes.

Until more research is done, it is not clear whether walking affects the body of healthy people the way it affects people with prediabetes.

If you have prediabetes, which is a fasting plasma glucose of 100-125mg/dL, or diabetes – a blood sugar of 126mg/dL or higher, you should walk.

But don’t give up running altogether, high-intensity exercise is necessary to promote heart health as well as improve mobility and other body functions.

Combining these two forms of exercise with a plan can help you get the most benefit.

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