Walking outdoors is good for the heart and brain.


     Many studies have clearly shown that walking is a beneficial exercise when it comes to heart health and memory retention.

Some studies have shown that just 12 minutes of walking in the green garden is enough to increase concentration, vitality and confidence compared to sitting indoors. Walking can reduce stress, help you relax, improve your mood and enhance overall body functions.

Walking outdoors allows you to breathe cooler air and can help regulate and cool the temperature of your brain. Plus, deep breathing helps reduce stress. Outdoor walking has also been shown to be associated with lower blood pressure, and these effects may be increased by exercising outdoors.

Want to improve your mood?. Simply, you just need to go out and walk for 30 minutes, your body will increase the production of endorphins when walking, which is a hormone that reduces pain and improves your mood. You cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind, so this is a correlation.

You should invite friends and family to join you and make walking outdoors a regular habit. That way, walking outdoors will have many benefits for your heart and brain.

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