Warning signs that your blood sugar is above a safe level.


        If you are young and have been diagnosed with diabetes, you will have many health problems in the future!

Diabetes is gradually tending to be rejuvenated due to the disorganized eating habits of a majority of young people. However, many people are subjective and do not go for regular health checkups, so they cannot know for sure if they are diabetic or not.

If you encounter one of the following four strange problems in your body, you should quickly go to the doctor because it is a warning sign that the blood level is exceeding the safe threshold.

1. Constant thirst.

Thirst is a sign that can appear at any time of the day. But if you’ve been drinking enough water and still feel thirsty constantly, it could be a warning sign of diabetes. Due to high blood sugar levels, the body will have to automatically excrete it through urine to reduce a part of blood sugar. This also causes you to experience the feeling of thirst that occurs continuously throughout the day.

2. Palms cannot be straightened.

If your palm can’t be stretched flat and arched normally, and even the skin feels rough and dry to the touch, this is due to the formation of blood clots in the small arteries. Therefore, you should not subjectively ignore it as soon as you feel your palm has this problem.

3. Blurred vision.

When hyperglycemia persists, the patient may also experience blurred vision. In particular, subjective neglect can cause permanent blindness. Therefore, when you have blurred vision, you should not ignore it, but quickly go to the doctor to see if you are diabetic or not.

4. Dry, itchy skin.

Itchy skin is also one of the common symptoms of diabetes. Many patients have been diagnosed with diabetes when they go to the doctor after they experience the condition.

Due to high blood sugar, the glucose content in the patient’s skin increases, so it is easy to cause skin irritation and itchiness.

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