What meal to strengthen resistance?


       The issue of eating to ensure food hygiene and safety, a balance between groups of substances is essential to increase resistance.

* What is resistance?

Resistance is the body’s defense ability, “barrier” against the invasion of foreign pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, …. It is likened to the “Ministry of Public Security” and “Ministry of Defense” of a country against “internal enemies and external enemies” to protect the body. If there is a good resistance, your body will prevent harmful agents from the surrounding environment or find ways to eliminate and destroy if they have penetrated inside.

The human immune system consists of three types: innate (or innate) and acquired (also known as adaptive) immunity and passive immunity. In particular, innate immunity is the body’s first line of immune response, related to genetics (skin, mucous membranes …). Acquired immunity is man-made to help the body produce substances to fight pathogens. Passive immunity is the passive supply of antibodies to a person’s body instead of the body having to produce them on its own through the body’s immune system (placental antibodies, breast milk or blood products containing antibodies). contain antibodies…).

* What is a healthy meal?

A healthy meal is a meal that ensures food safety and hygiene, with a full balance of protein, fat, powdered sugar and green vegetables. Reduce meat, increase eating fish, tofu, green vegetables. Adults 400g green vegetables, 100-300g ripe fruit per day. It is recommended to eat several meals a day, the elderly and children should have extra meals to ensure nutrition. Cut down on fried foods at high temperatures, because at high temperatures the protein and fat are denatured, which is no longer good for heart health.

The notion that breakfast is small, lunch is moderate, and dinner is eaten a lot is not true. Eating a lot at dinner but being sedentary, energy is not expended, leading to excess, which gradually accumulates into fat, causing weight gain, which leads to many other diseases such as heart disease, dyslipidemia, obesity .. Breakfast should be 20-30% of total dietary energy, lunch should be 35-40% of dietary energy, dinner should be 30-35% of total dietary energy. Eat dinner as soon as possible.

* Some foods should be noted to strengthen immunity.

The following foods can help you stay healthy and recover faster from illness:

Garlic: This food acts as an antibiotic and reduces the severity of colds and other infections.

Chicken soup: chicken soup is really effective in fighting diseases. This dish provides water, electrolytes and anti-inflammatory ingredients, reducing cold symptoms. However, you should be careful to eat chicken soup that uses chicken broth to cook, not canned chicken soup.

Green Tea: Green tea helps promote the production of B-cell antibodies, which help the body fight invading pathogens.

Healthy diet associated with increased brain volume.

Just eat it… it’s incredibly beautiful.